Liquid Rennet

Liquid Rennet

This is a Double Strength rennet that contains no animals products. Use half as much as recipe calls for.

Will yield 1/4tsp will set 2 gallons of milk in 45 minutes. Each 2oz. bottle contains 12 teaspoons which is enough to set 96 gallons of milk.

Dilute required amount of rennet in 20 times its volume of cool, potable water. Add immediately into milk and stir for 2 minutes to thoroughly distribute.
Store rennet in refrigerator. Will keep 6 months if stored properly.

Double Strength
You can substitute liquid rennet for rennet tablets in any recipe. A quarter of a rennet tablet (which will set 2 gallons of milk in 45 minutes) equals 1/4 teaspoon of liquid rennet. (Remember to dilute the liquid rennet in 1/4 cup of pure, cool water.)
16C   Liquid Rennet [2 oz - Non-Animal]
16CC   Liquid Rennet [16 oz - Non-Animal]
16C-2   Liquid Rennet [1 gal - Non-Animal]

Animal based. Perfect cheese every time! If you think it's too good to be true then you must try this exquisite imported rennet. All natural, single strength imported rennet coagulates slowly and evenly to produce smoother soft style cheeses and uniformly textured hard cheeses that cut without crumbling. Now you can create cheeses in your own kitchen that will rival even the most expensive varieties from France.
16C-3   Imported Animal Rennet [2 oz]

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