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Great cheese making kits make it easy to know where to start.


The Cheesemaker's Pantry
SKU: 16G

MAKES OVER 50 BATCHES OF CHEESE! Would you like to try cheese making but don't know where to start? Let us help. We have put together all the supplies, ingredients, and recipes that will give you the opportunity to make traditional French Style Chevre, Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese, Buttermilk, Ricotta and a variety of different flavored soft molded cheeses.

The Cheese Maker's Pantry contains everything you need to make pounds and pounds of a variety of cheeses, plus you can work at your own pace because the ingredients will stay fresh for at least two years. Most other starter kits only include enough ingredients to make one or two batches. Our kit contains full portions of the ingredients. Have Fun!

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Soft Cheese Kit
This is a versatilel, soft cheese and is a great one to make if you are just getting started. It can be used in any dish in which you would use cream cheese and it freezes very well. Of all the cheeses that you can learn to make, this is an absolute must. Its versatility means it has hundreds of uses. Makes 26 2 lb Batches

Includes: Soft Cheese Recipe, Chevre culture, Liquid Rennet, Cheesecloth, and Cheese salt.
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Mozzarella Cheese Kit
What could be better to top your own pizza than fresh homemade mozzarella cheese? Start making the perfect mozzarella cheese with this new kit. The only thing you need to add is milk! Everything else is included here. When you buy this collection, you save over 15% from the individual retail prices! It includes:
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Feta Cheesemaking Kit

You can make wonderful Feta Cheese easily and successfully at home with this Feta Cheesemaking Kit. This Feta Cheesemaking kit includes everything you need (except milk)  to make around 30lbs of delicious, feta cheese using Mary Jane Toth's Feta Cheese recipe. We make our own feta all the time and it makes the store-bought feta cheese taste like salty erasers. Total labor time for this recipe is about 30 minutes over 2 days.

Watch Mary Jane Toth's free instructional video by clicking here.


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Swiss Cheese Kit
SKU: SKU53231
Make you own swiss cheese. Homeade is so delicious. Once you've tasted it, you will never want store bought again.

Three Kit Choices to choose from:
1. Swiss Cheese Kit with Cheese Press with pressure scale $173.95 $10.00 Savings
2. Swiss Cheese Kit with Cheese Press only $143.95 $10.00 Savings
3. Swiss Cheese Kit only $24.95 10% off regularly priced items

Swiss cheese kit includes the following: Recipe, Rennet, Type C Thermophyllic, Proprionic Powder (this is the item needed to make the holes in the cheese), and cheesecloth for lining the press.

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Kefir Grains Starter Kit
SKU: 16K

Milk Kefir Starter Kit includes: One packet Milk Kefir Grains with detailed instructions and recipes Plastic Mesh Strainer (4") Organic Cotton Bag for making kefir cheese (8"x10") Instruction and recipe booklet Milk kefir grains are live active cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. Adding the kefir grains to fresh milk yields a probiotic drink within 24 to 48 hours. This dairy kefir culture is reusable and, with care, will allow you to make kefir over and over again.

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