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Cheese, Butter, and Soap

We live in our kitchens. Having the right tools is crucial to success and ensures that the time is well spent. Hoegger Supply is proud to partner with Update International, one of the leading commercial kitchen suppliers in the country, to offer our customers a professional line of kitchen equipment. Chefs across the country rely on these products every day.

Designed for the rigors of a professional kitchen, Update’s Super Stainless Steel line combines classic style with cutting-edge functionality. Each piece is meticulously manufactured to the highest standards to provide you with a lifetime of un-paralleled performance.


A Cheesemaker's Journey
SKU: 24Z

A Cheesemaker's Journey is intended to be just that - a journey. Based on 35 years of experience making cheese, teaching cheesemaking classes across the country and working with other cheesemakers, Mary Jane Toth makes it easy to be successful making cheese in your own home. If you could only have one cheesemaking book, this would be it! *Perfect for the beginner to intermediate cheese maker *Includes "Easy Scale" to ensure your success *Beautifully Illustrated *Over 50 easy-to-understand recipes that really work * Increase you confidence by watching free online companion videos. Watch Mary Jane make Sour Cream, Feta, Mozzarella, Garlic & Chive, Soft French-Style, Cottage Cheese and Ricotta! All Videos are based on recipes from A Cheesemaker's Journey.

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Breakdown Soap Mold Box

Stack them and rack them, these quality soap mold boxes completely break down so that you can always get your soap out cleanly and easily. Made of premium pine and stainless steel screws. 5 LB - 16"L x 3.5"W x 2.75"H **FOR OPTIMAL PROTECTION OF YOUR SOAP BOX, PLEASE LINE WITH FREEZER PAPER****

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Extra Batch Container [Glass]
SKU: 15L-2

For use with the 2 Quart Electric Yogurt Maker [15L]

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