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Digital Instant Read Thermometer
SKU: 15B-1

Versatile enough to measure food, liquid and air temperature with quartz accuracy to 1/10 of a degree. Memory recall feature records the highest and lowest temperatures. Reads the temperature in either Fahrenheit (14º-392º) or Celsius (10º-200º). Absolutely the ultimate digital thermometer with large numbers you can read quickly and clearly.

Our price: $17.95
Hand Grater
SKU: 52E
Large, nonslip handle fits any size palm
Handle absorbs pressure away from hands
Grates hard foods to fine textures
Oversize hole in handle makes hanging easy
Dishwasher safe
Our price: $5.99
Market price: $7.99 save 25%
SKU: 15G-2
Enjoy perfect homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt the year 'round!

Kit includes:
Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Maker
Ice Cream! The Whole Scoop Book
Traditional Ice Cream Scoop

All for one low price!
Our price: $62.95
Individual Mixing Bowls
SKU: MB-300
Need just one mixing bowl for a specific task? Our Mixing Bowls are made of stainless steel with a polished finish. These bowls will not rust or impart stains or odor to food and nestle together for easy storage. Dishwasher Safe. Perfect for soap or cheese making or any kitchen task. Choose from 5 convenient sizes, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4.5, 7.5 Quarts
Our price: $5.95

Large Spoon-Shaped Scraper/Spatula
Its big, its spoon-shaped, and its wonderful! This is the only spatula we reach for in the kitchen. It is dishwasher safe, heat resistant up to 500 degrees F, flexible and perfect for getting all the goodness from your mixing bowls, stockpots, or anything else in your kitchen. 14
Our price: $8.95
Stainless Steel Wire Whip
SKU: 54C

An invaluable addition to your cheese making supplies. This restaurant quality, large wire whip is recommended by Margaret Morris when making various hard cheeses and features all stainless construction of both the whisk and the handle and an over-all length of 20 inches. Much longer than the common kitchen wire whip and perfect for cheese fabrication and lots of other BIG jobs.

Our price: $10.95
Traditional Ice Cream Scoop
SKU: AD-16
Make dishing up a breeze with our traditional, self-defrosting aluminum Ice Cream Scoop. It really works!!!
Our price: $6.95
Lemon Squeezer
SKU: 70M
Get all the juice out of your lemons! All metal construction with a ceramic finish makes for smooth function and easy clean-up.
Our price: $7.95
12" Tongs
SKU: 70N
Great for everything from serving salad to flipping steaks, these stainless steel 12 inch tongs feature a non-slip textured black handle.
Our price: $5.95
12" Pepper Mill
SKU: 70L
Fresh ground pepper adds so much to any dish! This 12 pepper mill features a precision crafted high-carbon steel grinder with a beautiful wood finish.
Our price: $12.00
Market price: $16.49 save 27%
5" Stem Thermometer with Pan Clip
SKU: 15D

Stainless steel pocket-test thermometer with 1” dial and 5” stem. Great for general kitchen use or for quick temperature checks while making cheese and yogurt.

Our price: $9.95
8" Stem Cheese Thermometer & Pan Clip
SKU: 15B

A highly accurate thermometer featuring a large 2” easy-to-read dial and 8” stainless steel stem for quick, dependable readings. A good general kitchen thermometer as well as an invaluable part of your cheese making equipment. It can be used for yogurt making, heat-treating colostrum, and pasteurization. This professional instrument is built to last a lifetime.

Our price: $17.95
Mixing Bowls - Set of 5

This budget friendly set of 5 mixing bowls handily outfits your kitchen for nearly any mixing task. Made of stainless steel with a polished finish, the bowls will not rust or impart stains or odor to food. Nestle together for easy storage. Dishwasher Safe. Perfect for soap or cheese making or any kitchen task.

Our price: $29.95
Double Mesh Strainer
SKU: 70R
Whether straining, steaming or thawing frozen food in the sink, this fine double mesh Stainless Steel 8 inch strainer is used every day in our kitchens. Were sure youll rely on it every bit as much as we do.
Our price: $12.95
10" French Whip
SKU: 70P
Sturdy Stainless Steel construction paired with functional design will keep this 10 inch french whip in your kitchen for years to come.
Our price: $5.95
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