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Kid Feeding Bottles

Botles, nipples, tube feeders and holders


Rhinehart Nipples
SKU: 2B-3X

A replacement nipple for our Rhinehart Multi-Kid Feeder.  Lovely, soft nipple that has been a favorite with both goats and customers for over 50 years.


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Lamb and Kid Feeding Bottle
SKU: 49C
For those who would rather buy the bottle than source one locally, here is an excellent plastic bottle designed for the rigors of kid feeding. Can be microwaved without the nipple attached. Includes Pritchard Nipple. [1 pt]

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Pritchard Nipple
they were first made in 1997. This nipple features a durable screw-on base that fits most soft drink bottles. The seamless, hollow cone-shape provides the perfect feeding rate, starting with newborns right up to weaning and the built-in leak-proof “flutter valve” allows air control to prevent nipple collapse. Simply slice the tip with a razor or scissors to create the appropriate opening size. Start at the very end of the tip to get a slow flow. Remember, you can always make the hole larger. Best of all, even the most enthusiastic kid cannot pull this nipple off the bottle. These are the REAL Pritchard Nipples, made in New Zealand.

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Pop Bottle Nipples
These traditional “swan bill” style nipples have been a best seller since 1945. They are so soft and pliable that your kids will take to them instantly. Designed to fit securely over a pop bottle, the kids nurse from a small hole, NOT a cross cut X opening. This is very important because when you bottle feed the hole reduces the frustration of the nipple collapsing in the kid’s mouth which stops the milk flow.

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Control-flow Pop Bottle Nipple
SKU: 89S-3
Control-flow nipples have all the features you and your kids will love. Soft, pliable isoprene construction encourages quick acceptance of the nipple, even for newborns. Unique hollow cone tip allows you to cut the opening you want and automatically regulates the flow of milk according to each kid's suckling ability. Unlike most pop bottle nipples, control-flow nipples are built to last. Versatile design fits most household bottles.

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Grey Replacement Nipple
Nipple designed for the 2D Multi-Kid Feeder. Also, fits most standard pop bottles.

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Double End Nursing Bottle Brush

The flexible, large end will thoroughly clean a bottle of any shape or size. The small end is ideal for cleaning the nipple, The bristles are made of nylon which is good for liquid retention and scrub power. Length 18". Large bristles 3" across, small bristles 3/4" across.


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Pop Bottle Brush
Well-made brush, ideal for cleaning small-neck nurser bottles. Flexible head fits narrow openings. You’ll find lots of other uses for this brush in the kitchen. (Color may vary) 4” nylon brush and 12” handle.

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