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Hoof Care


Regular Hoof Kit
SKU: 98G

• Hoof Trimmers (27N) • Hoof Pick (26K) • Hoof Plane (27P) • The Happy Goat Hoof Care (34T) • Hoof & Heel (19H)

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SKU: 27N

We are super excited about these new Super-Duty hoof trimmers. They are every bit as good as the traditional orange handled trimmers but at a significantly lower cost! Try them out and you'll agree. Features sharp, Teflon - coated carbon steel blades with comfortable ergonomic grips.

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Hoof Plane
SKU: 27P
27P An excellent tool for helping to smooth and shape after trimming or can be used in place of hoof trimmers or shears on extra hard hooves. The blade is made of hardened, tempered tool steel and will hold an edge through lots of hard use.
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Hoof Pick with brush
SKU: 26K
26K An essential little tool for cleaning the dirt from the hoof before trimming. Keep one handy for between-trim clean-up too.

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Guide to Hoof Trimming
SKU: 34T
34T The Happy Goat - Hoof Care By Anne Lauer, Hoegger Supply
Hoof trimming is essential and getting the job done quickly, easily and correctly has always been my goal. This is dedicated to making your experiences with your goats fun and easy. I hope you enjoy reading and using the methods I have provided for you in Hoof Care. It is devoted exclusively to hoof trimming and could very well change your whole outlook on the subject. There are lots of clear illustrations and easy-to-understand directions. Every adult and "kid" will appreciate it.
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Hoof 'n Heel
SKU: 19H
19H For fast healing of hoof and foot rot this tested veterinary-strength topical antibacterial penetrates deep into the hoof to attack infection, without causing the hoof to become shrunken, brittle, hard or discolored. Speeds healing of all types of hoof injury. Approved for use with dairy animals

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Big Brother's Hoof Plane
SKU: 27T

27T Experience the efficiency of a professionally made plane that really does the job of leveling the sole of the hoof. One end features a comfortable, coated, easy-to-hold 4-1/2" handle. The opposite end has a textured flat gripping surface for applying two-hand pressure at just the right angle. A couple of passes over the sole of the hoof and the job is done. The replaceable, rasp-like planing surface measures 10" long X 1-5/8" wide and is made of long-lasting, hardened tempered steel. When combined with Big Brother's Hoof Trimmers, you truly do have the dynamic duo.

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Hoof Knife
SKU: 26K-2
For overgrown hooves, a hoof knife can be a handy first start. Begin with the knife and then finish off with hoof trimmers and a hoof plane.



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SKU: 22W-1
An effective treatment for foot rot, ringworm and fungal problems. Apply to affected area liberally. Can be used daily. Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride. 16 oz
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Goat Boot
SKU: 19H-1
19H-1 An injured or infected hoof needs a Goat Boot for clean, comfortable, waterproof protection that allows continuous application of medication to promote fast healing and keeps dirt out. This soft, pliable boot gives gentle support to the leg without wrapping and cushions the hoof to relieve pressure. The web strap and clip-type buckle assure a snug fit, yet it opens wide for easy on and off. Strong, triple-layered polyvinyl bottom resists wear. Fits either right or left hoof.

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SKU: 27R
Finally, a tool to sharpen your hoof trimmers. Our new mulit-sharpener will also make short work of shears, knives, and scissors. Contains oil and grease to lubricate moving parts and keep your trimmers in top shape.
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