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Gate Latch

Life-time gate latch makes the chore of opening and closing your gate no chore at all! Features one hand operation (even with gloves on), galvanized 1/2" steel latch plus 8" of 3/16" chain and a 4" staple. Easy installation does not require evenly matched gate and post. This latch won't freeze up or rust, adapts to both wood and metal gates, accepts a padlock for security and has no dangerous or sharp elements to hurt either you or your goats. It's the best gate hardware available and it's guaranteed "goat-proof."


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Swivel Eye Bolt Snap
Be creative using these 3-1/2" snaps to make tie chains, lead ropes, tie downs, gate latches, or whatever the need may be. Nickel plated rustproof metal. 3-1/2" long with 3/4" eye.

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Double-End Bolt Snap
Nickel-plated rust-proof metal has many uses around the farm and home. Create a temporary fence closure, hang a pail for water or feed, fasten a gate or hold most anything together. 4-3/4" long with 1/4" snap opening on each end.

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Safety Spring Hook
Plated steel, spring-loaded interlocking safety snap. Convenient for hanging pails, fastening gates, plus a dozen other uses. 3-1/4" hook opens easily with finger pressure and snaps shut.

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Bit Snap
The little snap with a hundred uses. 2-1/2" long zinc plated steel. Great for hanging small feed and water pails and connecting most anything.


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Fenceline Hanger for Multi-Kid Feeder
SKU: 49D
This handy little holder secures the square kid feeder bucket onto a number of different wire fences including cattle panels. Can be positioned for kids of all sizes. Sturdy welded wire is designed to drop easily into place.

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Box Fan Holder
SKU: 43L

For the frugal farmer who doesn't want to invest in a high-dollar ventilating system for their barn, this adjustable box fan holder is just the ticket. Constructed from heavy-duty, durable 1" nylon webbing, this holder converts any 20" box fan to provides maximum air circulation. A cool barn will assure better milk production during hot summer weather. Box fans are inexpensive and readily available at most local stores. The black plastic, quick-release buckles make this holder easy to get on and off and the black plastic slides provide precise adjustment. The holder includes a separate tilt strap that gives you the ability to angle the fan for perfect ventilation. (Fan not included.)

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