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Buck Away Soap
SKU: 303K
The "buck" stops here. Utilizing a unique blend of all natural and essential oils combined with celery seed, this soap removes that unpleasant "buck odor". 4 oz bar
Choose: Single or Package of 3
Our price: $5.95

Air Express
SKU: 55H
The Air Express III™ is the only blower on the market to be awarded two U. S. Patents. With its
exclusive aerodynamics, efficient design and cartridge filter system, the Air Express III™ has set
the new standard. There simply is no other blower that matches the Features, Power and Value
of the Air Express III™. Sold complete with hose, filter and hose clamp. Comes
in lots of color choices. Choose one to fit your color scheme. $25.00 FOB Shipping


Our price: $399.50

Grooming Kit
SKU: 68-9007P
Whether you are grooming for a show or just giving extra love to your favorite goat, this grooming kit has everything you need. There is an assortment of grooming tools including a stiff bristle brush to help with shedding and two styles of finishing brushes for those last minute touch-ups. Also included are a hoof pick, comb, sweat scraper. The portable canvas bag even has extra storage room with multiple pockets to hold your hoof trimming tools and keep everything neat and organized.

Available in Purple or Black.
Our price: $34.95

Combination Brush
SKU: 27G
27G Deluxe grooming tool, constructed of hardwood back with currycomb type brushes on one side and tufted brush bristles on the opposite side. This brush is an old favorite, ideal for removing deep-seated dirt and loose hairs as well as providing a smooth finished look with no damage to coat from torn hair.
Our price: $6.95

Grooming Brush
SKU: 27H
27H Pocket-sized brush with colorful polypropylene bristles, great for general grooming purposes, removing mud and for giving that final touch. Block size is 6-1/2" x 2-1/2".
Our price: $6.95

SKU: 55F-1
Traditional grooming comb with 9”
metal blade. Features riveted blade for
strength, stronger teeth, and five fewer teeth
than other combs which allows it to glide through
Our price: $27.95
SKU: 55F-2
Traditional grooming comb with 9”
metal blade. Features riveted blade for
strength, stronger teeth, and five fewer teeth
than other combs which allows it to glide through
Our price: $27.95
Rocky Comb Holder
SKU: 55E-3
Holds 9" grooming comb for exhibitors who don’t have pockets.
Clips on or straps through belt.
Our price: $9.95

SKU: 55G
Made of spring steel with a durable,
comfortable plastic handle.
Our price: $7.95
Final Accent (16oz Spray)
SKU: 55A
This light show day oil delivers an amazing deep
shine to body hair. Spray on immediately before
entering the show ring for that final shine needed.
Being a liquid product, Final Accent can be used in
the make-up area at major shows.

16 ounce spray bottle.
Our price: $18.95
Final Bloom (11oz Can)
SKU: 55B
The fantastic “LITE OIL” with a pleasant
scent. Will freshen up the hair. Less greasy
with all the shine. Requires no washing out.
11 oz can.
Our price: $9.95
Pink Oil (11oz Can)
SKU: 55C
Pink Oil is the new light show day product that
delivers tremendous body and volume to the hair
along with a light hold to achieve the most desired
fullness. Easy to use, simply spray evenly over the
entire body, comb in and blow for 15 minutes. The
hair will take on a light natural shine with unbelievable
body. Use as the final step in the grooming process
after Final Bloom. It works great on all types
of hair coats, in all types of weather. Great
for shows, sales or clipping. Use pink oil to
give your hair EXTREME FLUFF.

11 oz can
Our price: $9.95
White Touch Up (11oz Can)
SKU: 55D
Ultra White Touch-Up covers stained or faded hair
with a smooth natural powder white color. It also
works great to build up legs to achieve a thick, fuller

11oz can
Our price: $11.95
Bright Lights
SKU: 55E-1
This is a fantastic highlighting shampoo for
enhancing and whitening hair! Bright Lights brightens
white hair, intensifies colors of all hair coats and
shampoos away yellow tint, sun faded and stained
hair. Leaves the coat with a beautiful luster.

Our price: $16.95

Stain Buster (QUART)
SKU: 55F
Stain Buster is an extra strength liquid bluing
shampoo that cleans hair that has been severely
strained from urine or manure. It gets the hair white
again. This is a ready to use product.

1 Quart Bottle
Our price: $17.95
Goat Coat (QUART)
SKU: 55K
The ideal show day product for goats. Provides a
natural shine while conditioning skin and hair leaving
a smooth finish. Spray over entire body before
entering the show ring. Brush or rub in with hands.
Works well on slick sheared goats. Requires no
washing out.

1 quart.
Our price: $29.95
Hoegger's Shampoo Concentrate
SKU: 27K-1
27K-1 Animal shampoo in a special easy-to-rinse formula. No soapy residue to cause itching or flaking. gives healthier, cleaner, better smelling results. One-pint bottle.
Our price: $7.95
Show Sheen
SKU: 27E

27E Save hours of grooming time by applying Show Sheen for that perfect finishing touch. Not an oil or cream rinse but a specially formulated, water-proof hair polish that prevents stains, repels dirt and dust and leaves hair shining and tangle-free. Non-aerosol spray bottle, one pint.

Our price: $12.95
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