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3/8" Individual Tattoo Letters/Numbers
SKU: 5K-10A

Individual letters and numbers for the 3/8" Tattoo System

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All Breed Tattoo Alphabet Set
SKU: 5K-2

5K-2 Complete alphabet for All Breed 5/16 tattoo outfit.

Market price: $39.95 save 38%
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Harness Crayons
SKU: 6M-1G

6M-1 For flexibility and control these crayons can't be beat. They provide true, long-lasting color for positive identification under any weather conditions. Available in red, blue, green & orange. Fits standard marking harness


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Health Record Sheets
SKU: 23P-1

23P-1 Record Sheets . . .Package of 12 (Pages will work in any 3-ring notebook)

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Muck Bucket
SKU: SKU5445
Little Giant 70 Quart Muck Tub is the perfect solution to a never-ending job. Ample mouth size allows for fast loading and the poly rope handles are strong and comfortable. High-density polyethylene protects against warpage and stress cracks. 21 3/4" diamerter x 17 1/4" tall.
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Nylon ID Neck Tags

6E Identifying your goats is a simple matter with these 3-1/2" neck tags. The easy-to-read prenumbered tags are deeply engraved on both sides and feature molded-in grommets for added strength. Assorted #'s Package of 10 Color and numbers will vary.


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Wagon Seat
SKU: 6B-6

Extra Wagon Seat only.

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