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Goat Pajamas
SKU: 61T-1B

We fell in love with these one of a kind goat pajamas. They are hand made with a variety of patterns and colors. No one is like the others. They come in 3 sizes: Dwarf (Perfect for pygmy's and nigerian dwarfs), Newborn(Great for the first couple of weeks), and Small(For those older babies). The small size is pictured.

Back length for each size Dwarf 13" Newborn 15" Small 18"

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SKU: 55M

Protect your goats from eating things it shouldn’t while at the show. We’ve seen goats get sick from eating processed wood chips provided for bedding at the show. A heavy-duty muzzle. It has a canvas top and back, and two layers of mesh material. The strap has a buckle for size adjustment

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