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Eggs and Chickens
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Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins
This series of small books contain practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you master traditional country skills quickly and easily. They provide a foundation of earth-friendly information for the way you want to live today.
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Five Acres and Independence
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23E The famous 1940 classic on homesteading, written by one of the most prominent men in American agriculture. It's as fresh and relevant today in it's basic down-to-earth advise on natural farming methods. Subjects covered include: land drainage, soil improvement, septic tanks, cellars, irrigation, greenhouses, planting crops, raising animals (including goats, of course). Be prepared. After reading this book, there will be no stopping you! by M.G. Kains. Softbound, 397 pages.
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The Joy of Keeping Chickens
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The Joy of Keeping Chickens
By Jennifer Megyesi
This book is the ultimate guide to raising poultry for fun or profit. With a growing interest in self-sustain ability and organic living, readers will appreciate the comprehensive nature of this readable, informative guide. The author's engaging voice and her enthusiasm about keeping chickens, combined with Geoff Hansen's gorgeous photographs, make for an instant classic. Softbound 256 pages.
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