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Dairy Goats Reproduction
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How do I know my goat is pregnant? What should I have on hand before my goat gives birth? How do I bottle feed newborn kids? What if something goes wrong? There are many questions goat owners ask when it comes to breeding, birthing, and milking dairy goats. What is normal? Is this goat pregnant? How do I know when to assist a birth? What do I do with all this milk? Dairy Goat Reproduction answers these questions and more. With nearly 300 pages covering information from nutrition to parturition to troubleshooting, along with recipes, this book is perfect for new and seasoned goat owners alike. Interwoven through the chapters are stories from the author’s own kidding stall, educational pictures, and tips and tricks. This book will walk you through the process of breeding dairy goats from the planning stage through caring for the kids and making delicious food with ingredients that come from your own back yard.


Author:  Rachel Payne

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Goat Driving Pamphlet
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6K-3 Step-by-step training guide covers all aspects of goat driving. Eleven pages of very helpful information written expressly on the subject of goat training. Free
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Guide to Hoof Trimming
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The Happy Goat - Hoof Care By Anne Lauer, Hoegger Supply
Hoof trimming is essential and getting the job done quickly, easily and correctly has always been my goal. This is dedicated to making your experiences with your goats fun and easy. I hope you enjoy reading and using the methods I have provided for you in Hoof Care. It is devoted exclusively to hoof trimming and could very well change your whole outlook on the subject. There are lots of clear illustrations and easy-to-understand directions. Every adult and "kid" will appreciate it.

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