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Fly Control

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Essential Oil Insect Repellant Kit
SKU: SKU5319
Create your own natural insect repellant using essential oils and a few of your own household ingredients. No harmful chemicals to worry about. Keeps most summertime pests away and smells good too.
Kit includes enough essentail oils to do twenty 4 oz batches.
4 oz spray bottle
1 oz Citronella
1 oz Lemongrass
1 oz Peppermint
1 oz Tea Trea Oil
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Citronella and Lemongrass Spray
SKU: 28G-1

An all-natural alternative to chemical pesticides. Formulated with oils of Citronella and Lemongrass, this milk, non-oily, non sticky formula aids in repelling mosquitoes, flies and gnats. Essential oils keep coat shiny and help soothe skin irritated by heat and insects. Use as needed without fear of side effects. Safe for all animals, even people!


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SKU: 28D

Rid your goats of horn flies, face flies, ticks, screw worms and lice for up to 5 weeks. Dry powder form for application by dusting. Safe, even for lactating animals. When used as directed, there is no milk dumping or slaughter withdrawal time. [2 lb Shaker Can]

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GOAT Protector Concentrate
SKU: 28G-7
Two in one cleaner; No more bugs and no more offensive odors. Protector Concentrate is designed to be mixed in a gallon bucket of water for effective cleaning. Cleans away pesky parasites and eliminates offensive buck odors. Great for use on hands after handling animals. Choose the standard 1 liter bottle or 1 liter bottle w/ Hose End Sprayer.

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