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1 gal. Spacer Saver Jug and Base
SKU: 56G
This is a great economic waterer for folks with just a
few chickens. Little Giant linear polyethylene plastic
Poultry Fountains are unbreakable, durable, and safe
for medication. One gallon jugs are translucent for
viewing water level.
Our price: $7.95
12 lb Hanging Feeder with Cover
SKU: 56E
This popular feeder is for all types of birds from
pullets to full grown birds. The pan and feed
tube are made of prime galvanized steel with
smoothly rolled edges and do not require any
bolts or nuts for assembly, they simply snap
together. Has raised cone for easy feed flow.
Hanging feeder allows for more floor space and
keeps feed clean.
Our price: $21.95
Galvanized Poultry Fountain
SKU: 56F
These fountains are made from 26 gauge galvanized steel with all
seams soldered. Top design prevents roosting and heavy top handle
will permit easy removal of outside body. New wide lip on pan adds
strength and helps to prevent fowl from spilling water. Inner body
permanently clinched to pan. Equipped with brass spring slip control
Our price: $26.95

Galvanized Screw Mason Jar Top Feeder
SKU: 56L-1
These Galvanized bases are a great and economical answer for
keeping baby chicks fed. Fits right on a mason jar.
[Mason Jar Not Included]
Our price: $3.95
Galvanized Screw Mason Jar Top WATERER
SKU: 56L-2

These Galvanized bases are a great and economical answer for keeping baby chicks watered. Fits right on a mason jar. [Mason Jar Not Included]

Our price: $2.95
Hole Slide Top Feeder
SKU: 56C
Extra heavy Slide-Top Feeder is accurately die-formed
with no sharp edges. Slides easily on well-made trough and will
hold sufficient feed for the growing chicks under brooders. A quality
product, 1 5/8 deep, 2 1/2 bottom width, 4 top width.
Our price: $3.60

Plastic Chick Feeder Waterer
SKU: 56K
Dual purpose plastic feeder/waterer is an ideal
combination. Completely sealed center divider makes it
possible to use one side for water and the other side for feed. The lowest
cost equipment available. Top of feeder snaps off easily - no sharp metal edges to cut
fingers. [18 L x 5 W]
Our price: $7.95
Plastic Feeders
SKU: 56J
These feeders are fantastic. Durable polyethylene feeders are rust-proof,
dent-proof, easy to fill and have a feed-saver lip on the base. The two larger
models feature hardened steel center axles for unlimited feed settings and
anti-scratch vanes to prevent feed waste and crowding. Small feeder is
perfect for chicks or quail.
Our price: $9.95

Plastic Poultry Fount
SKU: 56H-1

These large capacity waterers for poultry or game birds are rustproof, dent-proof and easy to fill. New improved cap is tapered and reinforced for easier on/off, a better seal, and easier transport even when full. The durable translucent polyethylene jar snaps neatly and securely onto the red polystyrene base.

Our price: $39.95

RANGE Feeder
SKU: 56B
Galvanized Metal Range Feeder sits neatly off the ground on wire legs.
Overall height is 7.
Our price: $22.95

Red Screw Mason Jar Top Feeder
SKU: 56L
Screw-on Plastic Base feeder for chicks fits right on a standard
mason jar. Eight openings with ribs to minimize spillage and
overflow. Made of heavy polyethylene and fits a standard mason
jar. [Mason Jar Not Included]
Our price: $3.95
REEL Feeder
SKU: 56A

Made of one piece heavy galvanized steel, 1 5/8 ” deep, 2 ½” wide at top. Inward rolled lip at top prevents waste of feed. Sturdy revolving metal reel turns easily, thereby preventing chicks from roosting on feeder.

Our price: $6.95

Small Round Galvanized Feeder Waterer
SKU: 56D
Small galvanized steel Feeder/Waterer is made in two parts.
6 diameter with 7 feeding holes.
Our price: $2.95
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