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Farming and Sustainability


Greenhorns- The Next Generation of American Farmers
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Meet America's new farmers. Resourceful and hard-working, "greenhorns" are passionate about improving the food we eat through sustainable and humane farming practices. Their inspirational stories speak to the challenges and rewards of earning a living off the land, embracing risks, and feeding local communities―all while maintaining a profound respect for the Earth.

In this new book―a companion to the documentary film The Greenhorns―editors and movement leaders Zoe Ida Bradbury, Severine von Tscharner Fleming, and Paula Manalo have assembled a wide range of stories that instruct as they inspire. With topics including financing, family, logistics, machinery, community building, and social change,

Greenhorns helps young and aspiring farmers navigate career paths, build skills, connect with each other while growing self-sufficient enterprises with conviction, vision, and respect for the earth. Filled with advice, anecdotes, and stories of life lessons learned, Greenhorns is a must-read not only for new farmers, but also for self-reliance enthusiasts and anyone interested in organic, locally grown food.
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Hobby Farm
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This beautiful book offers an intimate look at life on a hobby farm. From finding a farm to creating a business, to choosing what to plant to canning fruits, Hobby Farm will teach readers how to reap the benefits of rustic life with sound guidance.
Carol Ekarius has taken her 20-plus years of farming expertise and compiled an essential guide for anyone yearning to move to a hobby farm. From the early stages of planning to the day-to-day life on a farm, whatever questions you might have, chances are Carol has thought of them and answered them in Hobby Farm." --Karen Keb Acevedo, Editor of Hobby Farms magazine
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How to Build a Fence
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Whether you want to protect your garden, provide a safe enclosure for pets, or add privacy, this Storey BASICS® guide covers you everything you need to know to build the perfect fence. Offering clear step-by-step instructions, Jeff Beneke shows you how to construct a variety of fences from wood, vinyl, and chain link. With designs that are easily adaptable to all types of yards, you’ll soon be putting up a functional and beautiful fence that works with your landscape.
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Spinning, Dyeing, and Weaving
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Whether it’s moving to the country and starting over on a whim or just making city- living a little simpler and easier, the “Green” movement is changing the way we live our day- to-day lives. Skyhorse's Self-Sufficiency handbooks are meant to help—offering advice on what to do, how to do it better, and how to save money as well. This is a beautifully illustrated series made even more beautiful, because its goal is to help everyone live in a more earth-friendly fashion.

Weaving your own textiles is a rewarding activity—with the added benefit of knowing that the entire process can be done by hand, with little outside energy. This handbook looks at where different fibers come from, how to grow and harvest them, and how to prepare them for spinning. The principles of spinning are also included, as well as information on how to dye your fibers with natural dyestuff. Also included are numerous simple projects for decorating your home.
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