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Teat Infusion Cannulas (pkg 20)
SKU: 18X

These individually wrapped, disposable, sterile cannulas are perfect for administering the Goat Serum Concentrate directly into the teat when treating for mastitis. The cannulas fit both Luer-lock and Luer-slip syringes. 20 Cannulas per package.


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Weight Tape
Use this handy, easy-to-read measuring tape to determine the approximate weight of your goats. This specially designed tape converts your goat’s heart girth measurement into body weight. Made of sturdy, wipe-clean vinyl.

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12 cc Syringe
SKU: 18D-3

Sterile, disposable, plastic syringed are compatible with all known medications and provide smooth draw and effortless injection(sturdy enough to withstand boiling so they can be reused several times). Packaged in individual sterile wrappers. Needles sold separately (Item #18E)


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SKU: 18E-12

Sharp and strong, sterile, disposable, 20 guage hypodermic needles for use with disposable syringes (Item #18D) Available in 1/2"


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Econo Drench Syringe
SKU: 18W-2

Of all the basic equipment in your "medicine cabinet" there is no substitute for a small 20 cc drench syringe. You only have to try to give your goat some type of oral supplement (like Nutri-drench) or a medicationto realize that the procedure is impossible without the right equipment. Rugged clear plastic syringe is plainly marked in cc increments and fits securely and comfortably in your hand. The stainless steel drench nozzle makes oral dosing a snap. The entire assembly can be easily taken apart to clean.

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SKU: 17S

Add this to your medical supplies for a number of different goat keeping uses. It's great for obtaining basic vital signs, listening to heart and lung sounds, checking for rumen activity and detecting baby's heart beat in the latter stages of pregnancy. This model is a chrome plated, time-tested instrument with fine sound amplication.

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SKU: 17E

When you need firm support, this unique elastic bandage is the answer. Vetrap sticks only to itself, not to skin or hair and requires no clips or pins because it won't slip or loosen. Excellent for holding dressing in place. 4" x 5 yard roll.


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Disposable Surgical Gloves
SKU: 20B

Protect your hands and arms from infectious materials when delivering kids and treating your farm animals. One size fits all (5 Pair in a package)


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