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Equipment & Supplies


Teat Infusion Cannulas (pkg 20)
SKU: 18X
These individually wrapped, disposable, sterile cannulas are perfect for administering the Goat Serum Concentrate directly into the teat when treating for mastitis. The cannulas fit both Luer-lock and Luer-slip syringes. 20 Cannulas per package.

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Weight Tape
Use this handy, easy-to-read measuring tape to determine the approximate weight of your goats. This specially designed tape converts your goat’s heart girth measurement into body weight. Made of sturdy, wipe-clean vinyl.

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Disposable Surgical Gloves
SKU: 20B
Protect your hands and arms from infectious materials when delivering kids and treating your farm animals. One size fits all (5 Pair in a package)

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