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Brooder Light Fixture
SKU: 59A
Heavy duty aluminum reflector complete with hanger and
double wire guard. Hi heat porcelain socket with an 18/2SJT
6 ft. UL listed cord. Comes with a medium base infrared heat
lamp. 250 watts, 120V. Clear glass, glows yellow.
Our price: $16.95

Coated Wire Egg Baskets
SKU: 56T
These Coated Wire Egg Baskets are great for collecting and
washing eggs. Coated wire cushions the eggs to protect
them from breakage and protects basket from corrosion
when washing eggs (We sell egg wash too!). Handle is
also coated to be easy on your hands. Pleasant green
color. Great for floral arrangements also! The baskets have a
tapered design which allows nesting of multiple baskets
Our price: $17.95

Egg Brush
SKU: 56M
This brush is non-scouring and does not
damage eggs. Wood handle. Great for cleaning
hands, too. [5 L x 1.5” W 1 ¼” T]
Our price: $4.85
SKU: 56S
You work hard for your eggs.
Now package your eggs in a safe,
professional egg carton.


Our price: $0.65

Fall Harvest Automatic Egg Turner
SKU: 59B-1
If you are looking for a quality egg turner at a great price, Fall Harvest
Products has exactly what you are looking for! This new egg turner is
designed for use with the Circulated Air Incubator [59B].
Hatching eggs must be turned at least three times a day to exercise
the embryo. It is a lot of work if done by hand. Having an egg turner is
a great way to save time and increase your hatch. You will not have to
open the incubator as often, which helps maintain proper temperature,
and you never have to worry about forgetting to turn your eggs. Just
missing one day can lead to a deformed chicken or none at all. This
automatically turn eggs up to 6 times per day, will hold up to 41 eggs,
and works with Little Giant Incubators.
Our price: $49.95
Fall Harvest Circulated Air Incubator
SKU: 59B
If you are looking for a quality air incubator at a great price, this is exactly what you are
looking for! This new table-top incubator is perfect for the poultry hobbyists on a budget
Can be combined with optional Egg Turner [59B-1].
It features a built-in air circulating fan and reliable solid state temperature control. The
insulating polystyrene foam housing helps maintain a constant temperature of 99.5°F., to
ensure a better hatch percentage. This incubator also includes an Incubator Liner that is
made from durable polyethylene (milk jug) plastic; this tray fits into the base (bottom) of
your incubator. The liner protects your incubator and makes clean up simple and easy.
The new single water trough design makes adding water simple. Air circulation is vital
for a good hatch! The fan circulates warm air evenly throughout the incubator which
increases your potential hatch rate compared with still air incubators. The Circulated
Air Incubator also features two large 5” x 10” viewing windows making this
incubator ideal for classrooms and home-school. Includes an easy to read
thermometer and a plastic liner to protect your incubator and make clean up
easy. 115 Volts, 52 Egg Capacity
Our price: $89.95
Healthier Homestead Egg Wipes
SKU: 56P
Want a faster way to clean your eggs? Try New Egg Wipes - Egg
Cleaner! No Soap or Water Needed! These soft biodegradable
wipes for cleaning eggs from the coop. The plant based formula
gently cleans the egg of soils after laying. Just wipe the egg with
the soft biodegradable pop-up cloth. Dry with a clean cloth or
paper towel. That is it! Your eggs and you are ready for the market!
No mess!
Our price: $7.95
Incubator Hygrometer
SKU: 59C
This brand new hygrometer has been designed
specifically for incubators. It is absolutely essential to
maintain correct moisture for high percentage hatches.
Incubator instructions stress the importance of watching
humidity and this makes the job easy.
Our price: $17.95
Nylon Scrubbing Pads (5 pk)
SKU: 56Z
Great addition to your cleaning supplies that provides durable, non-abrasive cleaning and holds up to strong detergents without losing it’s shape or effectiveness. This big green scrubber is 4" x 5.25" and rinses out easily. [5 pk]
Our price: $7.95
Sandpaper Egg Brush
SKU: 56N
A real innovation in hand egg
brushes. The brush body is made
of a rubber-like soft plastic so
sandpaper band easily follows egg
contour. Eliminates blind checks
and cracks.
Our price: $7.95
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