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Diamond V XP Yeast Culture

Diamond V XP Yeast Culture

This wonderful feed ingredient is produced by fermenting selected raw liquid and cereal grain ingredients with Baker’s yeast. It is then dried while preserving the yeast factors, B vitamins and other fermentation products. It is used in a wide variety of livestock,dairy,poultry, and pet foods.  Improves digestion by extracting nutrients from the feed.  Boosts immune system.  Buffers acid pH.  Prevents or eliminates feed related diarrhea. Helps prevent bloating and gas when feeding grain.  Minimizes the stress of travelling. Great source of B vitamins and folic acid.  Produced completely in the United States. 

1 lb and 3 lb packages


For mature goats and sheep:  1 rounded tsp once daily mixed in feed.  

For kid or lamb:  ½ rounded tsp. once daily mixed in feed.  Dosages are guidelines only and can be adjusted during times of stress.  Feeding rates should be doubled.  

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