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Permectrin CDS Pour-0n
SKU: 28A
A synergized formula that contains 7.4% permethrin and 7.4% piperonyl butoxide in a concentrated dose. Broad spectrum activity effective against horn, face, stable, horse, house and black flies, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. Permectrin CDS Pour-on is for use as a spray, wipe-on, pour on or premise spray. Safe on lactating animals.
16 oz
Our price: $21.95
Herbal Wormer
SKU: 20F-1
The original, all natural, herbal wormer is compounded especially for goats. This wormer contains no artificial chemicals and is non-toxic and non-sickening. Safe for kids & pregnant does. No milk dumping or withdrawal time for slaughter. 200 doses in every pound of wormer.

Our price: $11.95

SKU: 20P
Here's absolutely the same great Golden Blend Dewormer repackaged and concentrated for easy dosing and lighter shipping. Get the same old 20lb. bucket in 2 lbs.
A proven dewormer that is actually labeled for goats. Best of all, it's economical to use. Remove and control mature gastrointestinal nematode worm infestations including Haemonchus contortus, osteriagia (teladorsagia) circumcinta, and trichostrongylus axei. The active ingredient is Morantel mixed with regular grain ration when evenly distributed. For situations where the goats are badly infested, you may need to retreat in 11 days. There is no milk discard. 30 day slaughter withdrawal.
The 1lb. package is enough to treat 10 goats. The 5 lb package has 50 doses.
Our price: $13.95

Fenbendazole Paste Wormer (25 gm)
SKU: 22E
Broad Spectrum wormer for the treatment of stomach worms, intestinal worms and lungworms. Safe even for pregnant does. Ten doses. Comes with easy-to-use oral syringe.
Our price: $10.95

Safe-Guard Liquid Dewormer for Goats
SKU: 22E-1
For removal & control of stomach worms in goats. Give 2.3 ml orally for each 100 lbs. body weight. Six (6) day slaughter withdrawal. Milk withdrawal time has not been established. (125 ml)
Our price: $24.95
Safeguard Liquid Dewormer w/ 10cc Drencher
SKU: 22E-2
For removal and control of stomach worms in goats. Give 2.3 ml. orally for each 100 lbs. body weight. Six (6) day slaughter withdrawal. Milk withdrawal time has not been established.

125 ml of dewormer with 10cc drencher.
Our price: $32.95
Ivermectin Injectable (50 ml)
SKU: 22K
An injectable parasiticide for the treatment and control of external and internal parasites (i.e., adult liver flukes, roundworms, lungworms, lice and mange mites).

Dosage: 1cc sub-Q per 85lbs.
2cc orally per 85lbs.
Our price: $39.95
Ivermectin Drench (960 ml)
SKU: 22K-1
For parasite control, Ivomec Drench is effective against roundworms, lungworms, lice and mange mites. 960 ml bottle. Can be administered with a standard econo-drench syringe (18W-2).

Average adult dose is 12ml.
Our price: $77.95
Ivermectin Pour On (200 ml) (ivomectin)
SKU: 22K-2
The same chemical dewormer as the injectable and the drench. The systemic action is aimed at killing both internal and external parasites. 1 Liter

Dosage is 1 ml per 22 lbs of body weight. Approximately 150 doses.
Our price: $39.95
Dectomax (100 ml)
SKU: 22T
Broad-spectrum internal/external parasite control that lasts longer for extended control of adult worms and eggs. Safe for all ages, approved for pregnant animals.
Our price: $86.95
Diatomaceous Earth
SKU: 10M
Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural, food grade pest control used for eliminating internal parasites and relief from ticks, fleas and garden pests. Contains 14 valuable trace minerals essential for healthy animals. Can be used as a supplement to other wormers.
[5 lbs]
Our price: $12.95
Cydectin Drench (1000ml)
SKU: 34L-1
Approved for administering orally, it controls 13 types of adult and larva stage internal parasites. Labeled for sheep and not approved for milking animals. The reproductive safety of this product has not been determined. Administer orally 1 ml per 11 lbs of body weight.

Our price: $79.95
Cydectin Pour On (500ml)
SKU: 34L
For the control of internal parasites such as lung worms and round worms, and external parasites such as lice and mites. When used as a pour on, there is no slaughter or milk withdrawal. It is a ready-to-use solution and a convenient dosage chamber is provided as part of the bottle. Labeled for cattle and not cleared for oral dosage. Administer topically from withers to base of tail at a ratio of 5 ml per 110 lbs. of body weight.
Our price: $79.95
Valbazen Drench (500ml)
SKU: 34K
Here is an old favorite with goat keepers (though it's labeled for cattle and sheep). It is used for the removal and control of tape worms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, lung worms and liver flukes. It is not cleared for milking goats and should not be used in the first 45 days of pregnancy. The suggested dosage for goats is 4 ml per 100 lbs. of body weight.

Our price: $49.95
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