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Buck Tip
This teardrop-shaped tip is 1 1/4” long x 1/2” wide for disbudding buck kids with fast growing horn buds. Also helpful for de-scenting buck kids. For use with X50 or x40 dehorner.
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Pygmy/Nigerian Goat Tip
SKU: 4E-1
Specially designed 1/4” hollow-head tip that fits both X-40 or X-50 Dehorners. Ideal for Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats.
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Small Goat Tip
Convert any standard X50 or X40 dehorner into a goat disbudding iron with this specially designed 1/2” hollow-head tip. This is the same tip that is supplied with our #4D and #4D-1 dehorners.
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Rhinehart X30 Dehorner
Here's an old favorite with a new feature. You can now purchase the X-30 Dehorner with a choice of tip sizes. The regular 1/2" ID tip is for standard dairy and meat goat breeds. The 1/4" ID tip is perfect for mini breeds. Each dehorner comes with a 200 watt element and an 8' cord with 3-prong plug and maintains a steady 900-950º F heat with quick recovery in seconds between applications.
X30 tips are permanently installed and are not removable or interchangeable.

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Portasol III Portable Butane Disbudding Iron

Now it’s possible to disbud anywhere without access to electricity. Designed specifically for use on newborns up to two weeks old. It’s ready to dehorn with only 4 minutes of pre-heating. The working temperature is adjustable up to 1100º F. Includes a self-ignition switch. (Butane cartridge not included - sold separately)

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Butane Cartridge (11 oz)
SKU: 4G-1
Replacement butane cartridge for the 4G Portasol II Disbudding Iron
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Non-Electric Iron
Effective, inexpensive 12” long disbudding iron with 3/4” diameter hollow end copper tip. This iron is designed to be heated with a butane torch or other heat source. Effective, inexpensive way for disbudding. This iron is lightweight, yet sturdy.
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L&H Cast Bronze Dehoner
This dehorner has the most wattage of any small dehorner we've seen: 350 watts! Use on bucks and doe kids that have visible horn buds, but remember it gets very, very hot! Its heavy head holds the heat and will disbud kid after kid. Dehorner does not come with a stand, so you'll have to hang it in between disbuddings. 5/8" diameter tip; 12-3/4" length; 115/120 volts.
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Humane Kid Holding Stall
SKU: 4C-1
Hoegger’s Deluxe Kid Box designed by my Dad, Joe, is an exclusive with our company. Now you can medicate, disbud, give injections and groom with the ease of a professional. The adjustable restraints hold the kid securely behind the front shoulders and at the neck. Hand crafted of solid pine. Sturdy enough to sit on while disbudding. Truly a multi-functional, humane holding box.



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Kid Box
This kid box is a great size for holding newborn to 1 month old kids. Enclosed box design allows disbudding and tattooing by one person. Features our exclusively designed Hoegger head piece which provides you full control and a broad base for safely supporting your hand and securing the kid’s head during disbudding.

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Headpiece with Kid Holding Box Plans
SKU: 4C-2
Here’s the same great headpiece that we use on our Kid Box along with step by step detailed instructions for building a simple holding box. The headpiece is Mr. Hoegger’s own design. It provides you full control with a broad base for safely supporting your hand while securing the kid’s head during disbudding. A simple do-it-yourself project requiring only a minimum of materials and tools.
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Horn Wire Saw
Disbudding is always our first choice. However, there are situations when it becomes necessary to trim the horns of a goat. If their horns have become dangerously long where they could get caught in a fence or accidently hurt a care giver, you could use this saw to remove the ends of the horn. There is a living core inside the horn that when cut too short, can cause severe bleeding. To avoid cutting too short, cut in small increments. Keep Blood Stopper (#17C) on hand just in case. (40’ of 17 mm wire and two SS saw handles)
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Horn Tip Tape
This amazing tape can be wrapped around those sharp tips of the horns to form a lightweight ball that will not effect the curve of the horn. Plus, it will eliminate the danger those sharp horn tips present to other goats and people. (Not Electrical Tape!)

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Scur Nippers
SKU: 27M
Keeping unsightly scurs trimmed can present a real problem unless you have a pair of these handy nippers! Convenient 14” padded handles afford maximum leverage to help insure clean, positive trimming. These nippers are drop forged and oil tempered for years of service.
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