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Rhinehart X50 Dehorner
This item is our best selling, top-of-the-line disbudding iron. This is a heavy-duty, reliable instrument complete with a specially designed 1/2” or 1/4" diameter, hollow-head tip for disbudding kid goats. The 216 watt element means quick heating and longer heat retention. This is truly a superior iron and will peform a trouble-free job with less danger of scurs. The goat tip is removable, leaving a large tip for disbudding calves. Built-in stand, 8’ long cord with 3-wire plug. Complete instructions included.

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Buck Tip

This teardrop-shaped tip is 1 1/4” long x 1/2” wide for disbudding buck kids with fast growing horn buds. Also helpful for de-scenting buck kids. For use with X50 or x40 dehorner.

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Pygmy/Nigerian Goat Tip
SKU: 4E-1

Specially designed 1/4” hollow-head tip that fits both X-40 or X-50 Dehorners. Ideal for Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

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Convert any standard X50 or X40 dehorner into a goat disbudding iron with this specially designed 1/2” hollow-head tip. This is the same tip that is supplied with our #4D and #4D-1 dehorners.

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Rhinehart X30 Dehorner
Here's an old favorite with a new feature. You can now purchase the X-30 Dehorner with a choice of tip sizes. The regular 1/2" ID tip is for standard dairy and meat goat breeds. The 1/4" ID tip is perfect for mini breeds. Each dehorner comes with a 200 watt element and an 8' cord with 3-prong plug and maintains a steady 900-950º F heat with quick recovery in seconds between applications.
X30 tips are permanently installed and are not removable or interchangeable.

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Kid Box
This kid box is a great size for holding newborn to 1 month old kids. Enclosed box design allows disbudding and tattooing by one person. Features our exclusively designed Hoegger head piece which provides you full control and a broad base for safely supporting your hand and securing the kid’s head during disbudding.

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Headpiece with Kid Holding Box Plans
SKU: 4C-2
Here’s the same great headpiece that we use on our Kid Box along with step by step detailed instructions for building a simple holding box. The headpiece is Mr. Hoegger’s own design. It provides you full control with a broad base for safely supporting your hand while securing the kid’s head during disbudding. A simple do-it-yourself project requiring only a minimum of materials and tools.
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Horn Wire Saw
Disbudding is always our first choice. However, there are situations when it becomes necessary to trim the horns of a goat. If their horns have become dangerously long where they could get caught in a fence or accidently hurt a care giver, you could use this saw to remove the ends of the horn. There is a living core inside the horn that when cut too short, can cause severe bleeding. To avoid cutting too short, cut in small increments. Keep Blood Stopper (#17C) on hand just in case. (40’ of 17 mm wire and two SS saw handles)
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