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Colostrums & Milk Replacer

Colostrum is nature's way of transferring immune factures from mother ot baby.


Milk Replacer Powder
SKU: 3Eor3E-1
You don’t have to feed your kid goats the milk you need for your own personal use. Our non-medicated, all-milk protein milk replacer is perfectly formulated with every essential nutrient your kids need, including the correct balance of protein to help overcome the risk of ketosis. 5 lb Bag

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Milk Replacer Pellets
SKU: 3E-3
Your kid’s primary source of nutrition should always be milk for the first three (3) months of life. But kids that insist on eating solid food earlier than three months or orphan kids are deprived of the life-long benefits of milk. By feeding these easy-to-digest milk pellets, your kids will get all the benefits of proper nutrition.

Designed just for goats, the taste and smell of this unique form of milk replacer makes it irresistible to goats of all ages. It’s the perfect supplemental nutrition for pre-weaned kids, for does 10 days prior to kidding and through lactation, for bucks 15 days prior to and through breeding season and for show goats when fitting and showing.

An economical supplement with superior quality proteins for very high energy.

5 lb Bag
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Colostrum Powder
SKU: 3G-1
Supply your growing kids with beneficial microflora for intestinal flora as well as immune building antibodies, protein, vitamins A, D, E, B12 and lost of trace nutrients. Add a teaspoon of this wonderful colostrum powder to every bottle of milk replacer or milk you feed your baby goats for as long as they are nursing. You can't go wrong. Dose scoop included. Labeled for goats.
9 oz jar (75 portions)
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Colostrum Gel
SKU: 3G-2
Give an added immune boost to your newborn kids with easy-to-administer colostrum gel that contains maternal antibodies, protein, lactobacillus, and vitamins A, D, E and B12 plus essential nutrients. Each 30 ml oral syringe can be set to the exact dosage. Feed as soon as possible after birth. The perfect answer for kids who don't want to nurse in the beginning. Eliminates the danger of aspirated fluids that can get into the lungs when you force feed liquid colostrum. Labeled for goats. 30 ml tube (3 day supply)

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Goat Colostrum Plus Powder
For the first time EVER in the history of goat keeping, colostrum powder that is absolutely unique, because it’s from goats! Goats that have NEVER been fed synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics or feed that contains pesticides or herbicides. Perfectly balanced, the true essence of natural. Harvested within the first 6-12 hours of birth and enhanced with concentrated goat milk cream and cultured goat’s milk to provide needed probiotics to aid in the reduction and elimination of diarrhea. A scoop is provided that takes the guesswork out of measuring the right amount. 100 servings per container. Exclusively from Hoegger Supply. [400 g]
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Save-A-Kid Syringe
New and improved lifesaving instrument for reviving premature, weak or chilled newborns. The 50cc catheter syringe is fitted with a clear flexible feeding tube that allows you to monitor the milk flow and prevent siphoning when removing the tube. A must to have on hand at kidding time. Easy to follow Instructions are included. .
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Tube for Save-A-Kid Syringe
SKU: 3A-1

Replacement feeding tube for the 3A Save A Kid Syringe A clear flexible feeding tube that allows you to monitor the milk flow and prevent siphoning when removing the tube.

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