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Ground Driving Rig for Goats

Start your goat driving project without the expense of full harness. This training rig can never be used as a harness, but does give both you and your goat the opportunity to spend a minimum amount of time on harnessing and maximum amount of time on driving training.

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Plastic Chain Collar

The collars preferred by many goat owners because of the break-away safety feature that helps prevent accidents if animals get caught on brush or high limbs. Constructed of high density plastic for years of dependable service. Plenty strong enough for lead control, yet able to release the animal in emergency situations. Available in blue and red. 


22' Inches and fully adjustable

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Extra Plastic Chain Links
SKU: 7G-1R

Extra Links for the Regular Plastic Chain Collars.

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Rope Halter/Lead Combination
SKU: 34E-1

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this handy, fully adjustable, easy on and off rope halters. Constructed from braided rope, they’re a must have in the barn.

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Deluxe Goat Halter

Sturdy, attractive, figure-eight style halter, made of soft, pliable nylon webbing. Available in red and blue, in four popular sizes. To determine correct size, measure a figure- eight around goat’s nose, crossing under the chin and meeting behind the ears.

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Goat Bells
SKU: 7A-1

With two sizes available, there’s a bell for everyone in the herd. The perfect way to keep track of your goats while enjoying the tranquil melody of the bells. These quality metal one-piece tapered bells are constructed of copper finished steel. Available in two sizes;1-3/4” high, 1-1/2” X 2” bottom opening and 1” high, 1” X 1-1/4” bottom opening. The small one is perfect for kids and minis, too!

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Ring Fastener
Plated ring fasteners feature open edge design for easy application. 1-1/4" size makes them perfect for collar attachment of ID tags and bells, too.
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