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Coccidiosis Treatment

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Dimethox 40%
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Coccidiosis: Primarily a danger for kids under 4 months who still have immature immune systems, this goat-specific parasitic protozoa invades the body, damaging the intestinal wall, causing water, bloody scours, dehydration, weight loss, stalled growth and often imflammation and secondary infections. It is usually caused by unclean or wet living conditions, overcrowding, and/or contamintated water or food.

In adults, it is often triggered by a compromised immune system due to other health issues or stress. One of coccidia's life cycles is a thick-wall spore (oocyst) that can live in the manure of an infected goat for a very long time. As others pick these oocysts when eating off the ground, they become infected.

250 ml bottle
For prevention: Oral dosing, 1/2 cc by mouth twice daily for one week. 1/2 cc once a week until weaned.
For treatment: Oral dosing 10 cc mixes with water or juice and dosed orally for five days.
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