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Coccidiosis Treatment & Prevention

Coccidiosis Treatment & Prevention

Free Shipping Coccidia: A protozoan parasite that attacks the small intestine of goats causing diarrhea and weakness. Kids between 1 and 5 months are the most susceptible. Extreme cases of coccidiosis can cause death if left untreated. When weaning kids, they are suddenly deprived of antibody protection from their mothers’ milk, and the shock to their young immune systems can bring on a full-blown case of coccidiosis. At two months of age, give 6-10 cc for 5 t0 7 days for prevention. 16 oz (Pint), No Propylene Glycol, No Chemicals, All-Natural, 19¢ a dose

Ingredients: ginger root, clove buds, slippery elm bark, cassia cinnamon, pure spring water

*Like many natural treatments, results may vary. 

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