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Buck Away Soap
SKU: 303K
The "buck" stops here. Utilizing a unique blend of all natural and essential oils combined with celery seed, this soap removes that unpleasant "buck odor". 4 oz bar
Choose: Single or Package of 3
Our price: $5.95

SKU: 14S
Ideal for an on-the-go worker, the Duratote Stool combines both a tote box and step stool for all your general needs. The tote box is great for storing your milking supplies and the heavy duty step stool is the perfect sitting height for milking. Comes with a moveable handle for easy carrying.
Perfect combination step stool/grooming tote for barn, trailer or shows
Outer step stool has 300 lb. weight capacity w/non-skid surface
Inner tray holds all of your milking or grooming supplies
Small internal tray fits over handle hold hoof picks or braiding materials
Can be used individually or carried as one unit with convenient carry handle
Secure contents with padlock through hole in handle
Measures: 14”H x 20”L x 16 ˝”D
Our price: $43.95
DuroBlast Rechargeable Sprayer
SKU: 61S
Say good-bye to the pain and fatigue of
using a spray bottle. Just hold the trigger
of the 32oz DuroBlast Rechargeable
Sprayer and it does the rest. Great for
folks with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other
strength and flexion conditions. Plug it into
the wall and its ready when you need it.
Our price: $22.95
Cleaning Kit
SKU: 98E
• Powdered Dairy Soap [12G]
• Sanitizing Powder [12F]
• Acid Wash [12G-1]
• Spray Bottle [21E-1]
Our price: $29.95
Market price: $32.95 save 9%
Powdered Dairy Soap (2lbs)
SKU: 12G
Professional dairy detergent for stainless steel milking utensils. Eliminates milkstone build-up and provides cleanliness that household detergent simply can't offer. Mix 1 Tablespoon per 2 gallons of water. 2 lb. pkg
Our price: $7.95

Sanitizer Powder (1 lb
SKU: 12F
To guarantee sanitary, bacteria-free milk handling equipment, use our no-rinse sanitizing powder with every milking. Dissolves instantly, and imparts no odor or flavor. Will not affect the starter cultures for cheese making. For maximum sanitizing action, spray your utensils and allow them to air dry immediately before using. [1 lb pkg]
Our price: $13.95
Foaming Acid Detergent
SKU: 12G-1
Using our acid detergent once a week in place of your dairy soap prevents the build up of that dull film called milkstone which holds bacteria causing distasteful milk. A very small amount goes a long way. Enjoy delicious tasting milk that stays fresher longer. One pint makes 21 gallons of detergent. Solution is reusable. [1 pt]
Our price: $6.95
Stainless Sponge
SKU: 14M
The number one scrubber for making quick work of cleaning milkstone deposits from your milking equipment. This commercially sized, rust proof scour pad is made from one continuous ribbon of metal and it really speeds up cleaning jobs.
Our price: $3.95

Nylon Scrubbing Pads (5 pk)
SKU: 56Z
Great addition to your cleaning supplies that provides durable, non-abrasive cleaning and holds up to strong detergents without losing it’s shape or effectiveness. This big green scrubber is 4" x 5.25" and rinses out easily. [5 pk]
Our price: $7.95
Milk Bottle and Pail Brush
SKU: 14P
Classic styling has made this quart bottle brush an all-time favorite over the years. For long, mat-free service, this brush is hard to beat.
Our price: $12.95

Long-Handled "Gong" Brush
SKU: 14F
Popular “gong” style is efficient at clean-up time. The waterproof long handle fits your hands with ease and comfort and has a hanging hole. The long handle improves its ability to clean deep milk and cheese making equipment.
Our price: $12.95

Gallon Jug Brush
SKU: 14N
Just the brush you need! If you are using gallon milk jugs, this brush is designed to provide efficient, thorough cleaning with pure nylon bristles formed at just the right angle. Durable twisted, Stainless Steel wire base and a plastic handle with a handy hanging hole. [17” Long]
Our price: $10.95

Clean-Up Brush
SKU: 14H
Essentially the same features and uses as the Long-Handled Gong Brush [14F], with a shorter pistol-grip handle for those tighter spaces.
Our price: $10.95

Spray Bottle
SKU: 21E-1
This model features a professional style 3-pattern sprayer and a large, comfortable trigger. The bottle holds 16 ounces of liquid and fits easily in your hand.
Our price: $3.95

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