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Cleaning Supplies

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Cleaning Kit
SKU: 98E
• Powdered Dairy Soap [12G]
• Sanitizing Powder [12F]
• Acid Wash [12G-1]
• Spray Bottle [21E-1]
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Powdered Dairy Soap (2lbs)
SKU: 12G
Professional dairy detergent for stainless steel milking utensils. Eliminates milkstone build-up and provides cleanliness that household detergent simply can't offer. Mix 1 Tablespoon per 2 gallons of water. 2 lb. pkg
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Sanitizer Powder (1 lb
SKU: 12F
To guarantee sanitary, bacteria-free milk handling equipment, use our no-rinse sanitizing powder with every milking. Dissolves instantly, and imparts no odor or flavor. Will not affect the starter cultures for cheese making. For maximum sanitizing action, spray your utensils and allow them to air dry immediately before using. 1/4 tsp per gallon of water. [1 lb pkg]
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Foaming Acid Detergent
SKU: 12G-1
Using our acid detergent once a week in place of your dairy soap prevents the build up of that dull film called milkstone which holds bacteria causing distasteful milk. A very small amount goes a long way. Enjoy delicious tasting milk that stays fresher longer. One pint makes 21 gallons of detergent. Solution is reusable. [1 pt]
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Spray Bottle
SKU: 21E-1
This model features a professional style 3-pattern sprayer and a large, comfortable trigger. The bottle holds 16 ounces of liquid and fits easily in your hand.

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