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All about Chickens


Eggs and Chickens
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Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins
This series of small books contain practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you master traditional country skills quickly and easily. They provide a foundation of earth-friendly information for the way you want to live today.
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Hobby Farm Chicken
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Hobby Farms Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit is geared toward the hobby farmer looking to begin his or her own flock of chickens on a small farm or even backyard. Author Sue Weaver, who keeps various exotic breeds and countless barnies on her farm, is an expert on all things livestock and an avowed chicken fanatic. This photo-filled guide begins with “Chickens 101” and details the physiology of chickens, members of the Phasianidea family, providing beginning hobby farmers with a basic education in the chicken’s unique physical makeup (from wings and feathers to beaks and digestive tracts), behavior, mating, and its unexpected high intelligence.
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Keeping Chickens Self Sufficiency
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Whether it’s moving to the country and starting over on a whim or just making city- living a little simpler and easier, the “Green” movement is changing the way we live our day- to-day lives. Skyhorse's Self-Sufficiency handbooks are meant to help—offering advice on what to do, how to do it better, and how to save money as well. This is a beautifully illustrated series made even more beautiful, because its goal is to help everyone live in a more earth-friendly fashion.

This handbook provides an introduction to some of the key aspects of raising chickens. You don’t need a large space to raise and keep chickens, and most families find that they only need a couple of hens to keep them stocked with fresh eggs year-round. Packed full of information on the basic housing costs and requirements, food and water requirements, disease prevention, and breeding—this book also includes a comprehensive section on the breeds available, their specific requirements, and a list of resources.
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Raising Chickens for Dummies
SKU: 59R
By Kimberly Willis and Rob Ludlow.
Thinking about raising chickens? This comprehensive, practical guide gives you
expert advice on all aspects of keeping chickens in your backyard. Whether you’re
interested in chickens as pets or as a source for eggs or meat, you’ll find all the
latest information on housing, feeding, healthcare, breeding and much more.
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The Joy of Keeping Chickens
SKU: 21X
The Joy of Keeping Chickens
By Jennifer Megyesi
This book is the ultimate guide to raising poultry for fun or profit. With a growing interest in self-sustain ability and organic living, readers will appreciate the comprehensive nature of this readable, informative guide. The author's engaging voice and her enthusiasm about keeping chickens, combined with Geoff Hansen's gorgeous photographs, make for an instant classic. Softbound 256 pages.
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