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Chickens and Poultry


Chicken Feeder
SKU: SKU5346
18" chick feeders w/ compartments for all feed or one side feed & other water
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Keeping Chickens
SKU: SKU5402
Have you heard the news: chickens have left the farm and made themselves at home in neighborhoods everywhere! For anyone ready to put their eggs in this basket, here is the perfect beginner’s guide to raising chickens, with information on choosing a breed, acquiring the chicks, and housing, feeding, and caring for them. Plus, it provides the lowdown on eggs, including “egg”celent recipes, and profiles of people who have taken on the chicken-rearing challenge. Includes two projects with exploded woodworking illustrations and photos: a simple nesting box and a wildly creative mobile chicken tractor.
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Miller Aluminum Chick Feeder
SKU: SKU5347
Poultry feeder
Individual holes minimize waste
Top slides off for easy access
Made of heavy gauge galvanized steel
Rolled edges for safety
Available in 12"
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