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Backyard Poultry Naturally
SKU: 59T
By Alanna Moore
From housing to feeding, from selection to breeding, from pets to production and
from the best lookers to the best layers, this book covers everything the backyard
farmer needs to know about poultry husbandry – including preventative and curative
herbal medicines and homeopathics.
Our price: $19.95
Building Chicken Coops for Dummies
SKU: 59S
By Todd Brock, Dave Zook and Rob Ludlow
Whether you have a small city loft, a suburban backyard, or a rural farm, this
friendly guide gives you easy-to-follow and customizable plans for building a backyard
chicken coop. You’ll get basic construction know-how and key information to
design and build a coop that’s easy on the eyes and tailored to your flock.
Our price: $19.99
Eggs and Chickens
SKU: 23Z-4
Storey Country Wisdom Bulletins
This series of small books contain practical, hands-on instructions designed to help you master traditional country skills quickly and easily. They provide a foundation of earth-friendly information for the way you want to live today.
Our price: $3.95
Raising Chickens for Dummies
SKU: 59R
By Kimberly Willis and Rob Ludlow.
Thinking about raising chickens? This comprehensive, practical guide gives you
expert advice on all aspects of keeping chickens in your backyard. Whether you’re
interested in chickens as pets or as a source for eggs or meat, you’ll find all the
latest information on housing, feeding, healthcare, breeding and much more.
Our price: $19.95
Storey's Guide for Raising Chickens
SKU: 23G-9
23G-9 From starting your own backyard flock to putting eggs on the table, Storeys Guide to Raising Chickens gives you easy-to-understand advice every step of the way. You will learn how to choose the right breed, chare for chicks, build feeders and shelters, collect and store eggs, maintain good flock health, raise broilers for meat and show your chickens.
Our price: $18.95
The Joy of Keeping Chickens
SKU: 21X
The Joy of Keeping Chickens
By Jennifer Megyesi
This book is the ultimate guide to raising poultry for fun or profit. With a growing interest in self-sustain ability and organic living, readers will appreciate the comprehensive nature of this readable, informative guide. The author's engaging voice and her enthusiasm about keeping chickens, combined with Geoff Hansen's gorgeous photographs, make for an instant classic. Softbound 256 pages.
Our price: $14.95
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