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A Cheesemaker's Journey
SKU: 24Z
A Cheesemaker's Journey is intended to be just that - a journey. Based on 35 years of experience making cheese, teaching cheesemaking classes across the country and working with other cheesemakers, Mary Jane Toth makes it easy to be successful making cheese in your own home. If you could only have one cheesemaking book, this would be it!

*Perfect for the beginner to intermediate cheese maker

*Includes "Easy Scale" to ensure your success

*Beautifully Illustrated

*Over 50 easy-to-understand recipes that really work

* Increase you confidence by watching free online companion videos. Watch Mary Jane make Sour Cream, Feta, Mozzarella, Garlic & Chive, Soft French-Style, Cottage Cheese and Ricotta! All Videos are based on recipes from A Cheesemaker's Journey.
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Goat Cheese: Small Scale Production
SKU: 25E
25E Goat Cheese: Small Scale Production by the Mont-Laurier Benedictine Nuns
An instructional book for small commercial cheese production. Covers properties of goat milk, quality testing, basic principals, preparing starter cultures, making both ripened and unripened cheese and the use of the ripening celler. Recipes for butter, ice cream and cream sugar also included. Softbound, 95 pages.
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Goats Produce Too!
SKU: 24H
24H Goats Produce Too! Volume II Sixth Edition
Without a doubt this is our most frequently ordered book. A complete guide for making practically every variety of cheese. If the "EASY" book has left you feeling like a failure, here's the book that will make you an expert. You'll find clear guidance on pasteurizing and preserving milk by canning and freezing and how to make butter, delectable desserts, cultured buttermilk, creamy yogurt, a whole section on soapmaking and "udder" non-edibles and a chapter on goat meat. Works great for cows milk, too. Spiral bound, 135 pages.
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Home Cheesemaking with Margaret Morris DVD
SKU: 31S-1
31S-1 As up to date as tomorrow's news and as helpful as attending one of Ms. Morris's famous cheesemaking seminars. You'll watch a pro as she shares her knowledge and experience on cheesemaking as well as her favorite recipes for feta, camembert, gouda and cheddar. Loaded with home cheesemaking tips and techniques that simplify the process so you're guaranteed to be an expert, too. It's 125 minutes of fun and education with one of the prettiest teachers in the cheesemaking business. A printout of all the recipes is also included. Availible DVD. I promise you will love it!
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Making Cheese, Butter and Yogurt
SKU: 23Z
23Z Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt by Phillis Hobson
The wonderful world of Country Wisdom bulletins is yours to enjoy in this informative booklet that covers equipment, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions on making eight different pressed cheeses, fifteen different soft cheeses, as well as buttermaking and yoghurt. Also includes directions on how to use whey and methods of preserving milk.
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The Cheesemaker's Manual
SKU: 24K
24K The Cheesemakers Manual by Margaret P. Morris
It's the book to end all books. This long awaited manual combines both the scientific and practical aspects of small scale and hobbyist cheesemaking. From the author's 12 years as a cheesemaking expert and popular teacher, 50 precision recipes for fresh, soft, hard and washed-rind cheeses are clearly presented in understandable language. Enjoy these step-by-step recipes, expand your cheesemaking repertoire and save yourself years of trial and error. Softbound, 250 glorious pages.
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The Fabrication of Farmstead Cheese
SKU: 25D

25D The Fabrication of Farmstead Cheese by Jean-Claude LeJaouen
An introduction to farmstead goat cheese making for all experience levels. Outlines basic principles and includes detailed recipes. Chapters cover setting up a cheese dairy, drying and curing rooms, and a glossary of French goat cheese items. Softbound, 206 pages.

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