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Cheese Wax & Accessories


Cheese Mats [Pair]
SKU: 15P

These 10” x 10” re-usable, heavy-duty, food grade plastic mesh mats are made sturdy enough to be sterilized in boiling water. Use with a cheese cradle for aging hard cheeses.

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Cheese Wax Brush
SKU: 15J-5

The perfect finishing touch to your beautiful cheeses is a smooth coating or two of cheese wax. Our 1-1/2” natural bristle, food-grade wax brush will stand up to high temperature melted wax.

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Cheese Wax
SKU: 15J-1R

Keep out unwanted bacteria and retain moisture while aging with this specially formulated wax for coating cheeses. It can be removed from cheese, melted down and reused multiple times. Available in **Red


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Cheese Coating
SKU: 15J-3

Apply a thin coating of cream wax and eliminate the possibility of your hard cheeses being destroyed by bacterial mold during the aging process. Allow it to dry thoroughly then cover with regular cheese wax. You’ll never have to worry about mold spoiling your cheese while aging. [1 lb Tub]

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