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Digital Thermometer& Timer
SKU: 15S
AVAILABLE IN WHITE NOT BLACK/GREY AT THIS TIME. Heating milk for home dairying just goa whole lot easier! The thermometer dan be programmed for any temperature from 32F to 392F. ther time can be used individually or simutaneously with the thermometer. Memory function. Attaches to side of pan with a pan clip. **not submersible*
Our price: $29.95
Milky Multifunctional/Cheese Vat Pasteurizer
SKU: 54M-2
Hoegger Supply is pleased to offer the first true multi-functional pasteurizer/cheese vat. We have partnered with the Mr. Milky brand from Austria to bring our customers a totally digital and adjustable thermostat. The easy lock lid eliminates the old-fashioned cover lock. The digital control brings the pasteurizer into the 21st century replacing the analog thermostat that was adjusted by a screwdriver. With a simple press of a button, pastuerize, heat treat colostrum, and make cheese in this all-in-one convenient unit. The all stainless steel construction ensures years of service and ease of cleaning. The 3 gallon inner pail is the perfect size for your home dairy. This pasteurizer is sure to impress. Temperature read in Celsius. Range 40 -82 degrees celcius (100 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit) Temperature conversion chart included.

Our price: $569.95
Stove Top Cheese Vat
SKU: 54A-3
For the seasoned cheese maker as well as the beginner, both yield and quality of cheese produced from each batch of milk is of prime interest. Commercial cheese vats have lots of helpful bells and whistles but cost thousands of dollars. Here is the answer to that high dollar vat that will serve your cheese making needs nicely. This stove top vat, will provide the perfect setup for cheese production.

From preheating the milk to cutting the curd and finally to milling and salting, every step that requires precise heat can be accomplished. Maintaining and gradually increasing the heat is easily achieved with this all stainless steel combination. The outer pot features a heavy duty bottom with two layers of stainless steel surrounding an aluminum core for added strength and superior heat distribution. No more trying to rig up two sizes of pots for a make shift double boiler.

6 Qt Inner Pot: [101/4D x 65/8 H] | Outer Pot: [101/4D x 91/8 H]
10 qt Inner Pot: [93/4D x 65/8 H] | Outer Pot: [93/4D x 91/8 H]

54A-3 Stove Top Cheese Vat [6 qt] TOTAL HEIGHT FROM BOTTOM TO TOP OF LID IS 11 1/4 INCHES
54A-4 Stove Top Cheese Vat [10 qt] TOTAL HEIGHT FROM BOTTOM TO TOP OF LID IS 13 1/4 INCHES
Our price: $69.95

Curd Knife
SKU: 15Y

Our stainless steel curd knife features a food-grade plastic handle and 12” blade assures even cutting of the curds. This tool is essential to the cheese making process. [Handle color may vary]

Our price: $14.95
Perforated Skimmer
SKU: 15E
Youll find plenty of uses for this stainless steel skimmer. Its a must for cheese making, but thats not all. Keep it on hand for cooking and baking, too.
Our price: $4.95
SKU: 16L

Our cheesecloth is made of fine quality muslin. It is useful for draining soft cheeses and lining cheese molds. Made of 100% cotton cloth which can be cleaned, sterilized and reused. Not like the “gauze” so-called cheesecloths available in stores.

Our price: $4.95

Plyban Cheesecloth
SKU: 15A-4

This is the perfect liner for your cheese press molds. It produces that flawless, professional looking finish, with no sticking. It is both long-lasting and ultra easy to clean. [Two-18” x 22” sheets]

Our price: $3.95

8" Stem Cheese Thermometer & Pan Clip
SKU: 15B

A highly accurate thermometer featuring a large 2” easy-to-read dial and 8” stainless steel stem for quick, dependable readings. A good general kitchen thermometer as well as an invaluable part of your cheese making equipment. It can be used for yogurt making, heat-treating colostrum, and pasteurization. This professional instrument is built to last a lifetime.

Our price: $17.95
5" Stem Thermometer with Pan Clip
SKU: 15D

Stainless steel pocket-test thermometer with 1” dial and 5” stem. Great for general kitchen use or for quick temperature checks while making cheese and yogurt.

Our price: $9.95
Digital Instant Read Thermometer
SKU: 15B-1

Versatile enough to measure food, liquid and air temperature with quartz accuracy to 1/10 of a degree. Memory recall feature records the highest and lowest temperatures. Reads the temperature in either Fahrenheit (14º-392º) or Celsius (10º-200º). Absolutely the ultimate digital thermometer with large numbers you can read quickly and clearly.

Our price: $17.95
Floating Dairy Thermometer
SKU: 15C

A favorite with seasoned cheese makers and beginners alike. Calibrated in Fahrenheit and Celsius with ranges from 10º to 220ºF and 10º to 100ºC. Perfect for yogurt and cheese making as well as pasteurizing and heat treating colostrum. Accurate and dependable.

Our price: $13.95
Acid Testing Paper Roll
SKU: 15T-4

Acid Testing Paper is used to test the pH of milk, curds, and whey with a range of 1.0 to 11.0 making it a MUST for cheese making. Reading the pH is very important, especially for curds such as Mozzarella, Provolone, etc., because they will not be as stretchy if the pH is not between 5.1 and 5.3. [15 ft Roll]

Our price: $6.95
Hygrotherm (Thermo-Hygrometer)
SKU: 16W

Now you can monitor your extra refrigerator to help keep the exact temperature and humidity to maintain the perfect environment for your aging cheese. This hygrotherm has a separate display for humidity and temperature. It has an easy two-key operation. The measuring range is: Temperature 14ºF (-10ºC) to 140º F (60º C) Humidity 10% to 99% AAA Battery Included

Our price: $17.95
Dash & Tad Measuring Spoon Set
SKU: 54D-1

Take the guess work out of Grandma’s recipes with these four stainless steel measuring spoons.
Tad [1/8 tsp]  |  Dash [1/4 tsp]  |  Pinch [1/16 tsp]  |  Smidgen [1/32 tsp]

Our price: $7.95
Deluxe Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
SKU: 54D
Replace all those bent and broken measuring spoons with this heavy duty, professional set. Four stainless steel measuring spoons.
Our price: $7.95
Stainless Steel Colander
SKU: 54B

Use this colander for draining cheese as well as many other applications in the kitchen. You will find this high quality colander the perfect kitchen accessory. Specially sized, 13-1/2” across the top and a 8 quart capacity. Fully perforated for fast efficient draining.

Our price: $10.95
Stainless Steel Wire Whip
SKU: 54C

An invaluable addition to your cheese making supplies. This restaurant quality, large wire whip is recommended by Margaret Morris when making various hard cheeses and features all stainless construction of both the whisk and the handle and an over-all length of 20 inches. Much longer than the common kitchen wire whip and perfect for cheese fabrication and lots of other BIG jobs.

Our price: $10.95
Box Cheese Grater
Incorporating four precision cutting blades in one easy-to-use tool, our box grater can handle everything from hard cheeses to vegetables, chocolates and fruits. With a sturdy base and plenty of room for the grated cheese inside, this stainless steel grater will make quick work of cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan or any other of your favorite cheeses. Measures 4x4x9.10.
Our price: $9.95
Cheese Slicer
SKU: 43Z

Restaurant quality Stainless Steel cheese slicer, fully adjustable for thick to thin slices. Comfortable handle and smooth action roller allow you to slice cheese with ease.
Slices 4” wide. [5”L x 5”W]

Our price: $12.95
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