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Wagons & Harness

Carts, wagons, harnesses, sleigh kits and everything you will need to show your goat in style. Join the fun and excitement. Children of all ages will delight in the pure enjoyment of our carts and wagons.


Goat Driving Pamphlet
SKU: 6K-3
6K-3 Step-by-step training guide covers all aspects of goat driving. Eleven pages of very helpful information written expressly on the subject of goat training.
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Deluxe Driving Harness
This quality driving harness features a well-padded surcingle, sheepskin-lined breast, back, belly and britchin straps. Fully adjustable with double-bar buckles. Made of nylon webbing for strength and durability. Long lines and driving halter included. Stock color - black. Now available in two sizes: Regular and Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf.
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Deluxe Work Harness
SKU: 6C-5
6C-5 Strong, nylon harness, well-padded, easily adjustable with fleece lined breast strap for comfort. Now available in two styles. The regular work harness is designed for pulling our garden cultivator below. Let your favorite goat help you with the chores. Goats are easy to train and make really willing workers. The Deluxe work harness can be used as a driving harness as well as a work harness. Deluxe harness includes driving halter, reins, and shaft loops.

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Ground Driving Rig for Goats
Start your goat driving project without the expense of full harness. This training rig can never be used as a harness, but does give both you and your goat the opportunity to spend a minimum amount of time on harnessing and maximum amount of time on driving training.
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