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Refurbished Manual Separator
SKU: SKU5423
Fully refurbished, this simple, efficient and well-balanced Manual Cream Separator will hold 8 quarts which makes it ideal for domestic or small farm use. The milk tank, separation bowl and disks are made of stainless steel. The milk and cream spouts are food-grade poly.

Made in India One Year warranty
Market price: $649.00 save 45%
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Hand Butter Churn
SKU: 14C
Hand Butter Churn will churn 2.5 quarts of cream into fresh delicious butter in approximately 25 minutes. Churn features a 4-to-1 gear ratio, balanced grip, steel machine-cut gears, steel frame, nylon bearings, maple wood paddles (dasher), oak handle and thick Anchor-Hocking glass jar. Very stable, low-center of gravity design. Fully assembled and ready to use, instructions are included
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Glass Replacement Jar Hand Butter Churn
SKU: 14C-1

A quality extra glass churning jar for the Hand Butter Churn [14C]. Use this beautiful jar for more than butter, keep your cooking flour, sugar or use as a not-so-secret cookie jar!

Height - 8" Inside Lid Diameter - 4 1/2"

(Does not fit electric butter churns)

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Electric Butter Churn (2-1/2 gallon)
SKU: 14D-2
Now the wholesome goodness of farm-fresh churned butter can be yours at the flip of a switch with our electric butter churn. It is engineered and constructed of the highest quality materials enabling you to have years of trouble-free service. It’s so easy, you’ll actually look forward to whipping up a batch of fresh butter for your baking needs, cooking and table use. Add to the ease of your home dairying with this wonderful 2.5 gallon churn.
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Glass Replacement Jar (2-1/2 gallon)
SKU: 14D-3
This is the glass replacement jar for the 2 1/2 gallon electric butter churn.
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Replacement Dasher
SKU: 14D-4

Replacement Dasher for Electric Butter Churn [14D-2].

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