Bovi Sera

Bovi Sera
Bovi Sera is an absolute MUST HAVE for any goat owner. Useful in the prevention and treatment of conditions such as pneumonia and enterotoxemia, passive immune failure in newborns and shipping fever complex in adults, Bova Sera provides an immediate boost to the immune system allowing goats to get back on their feet. Bovi Sera acts much the same as Goat Serum although goats are not listed on the label. For larger herds, Bovi Sera is very cost-effective.

Dosage of 10 cc sub-Q injection for adults and 5 cc sub-Q injection for newborns

Currently available only in the 20 ml and 250 ml size!

ATTENTION: We will pack your Bovi Sera with an ice bag. During the summer months expect the ice bag to be melted and even warm to the touch. This is fine, simply place and store your Bova Sera in the refrigerator.

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