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BarnFresh - No More Odor!

BarnFresh - No More Odor!
A revolutionary new approach to eradicate barn odor, even in the hot summer weather. We were skeptical at first but after using BarnFresh for only 3 weeks we were believers! Not a perfume that masks odor but a highly effective, concentrated biodegradable enzyme treatment that is completely safe to use, even around your milking does. All natural BarnFresh literally consumes urine, wipes out odors and dramatically reduces the fly population.

Dilute by adding 1 cup of BarnFresh to each gallon of water and soak down the urine areas with a pressure sprayer. Repeat daily for a week and then just once a week. Can be sprayed directly on manure piles to decrease odor and for fly control. Eliminates the need for lime. One 2-quart bottle of concentrate makes 8 gallons.
Available in two sizes
2qt Bottle
1 Gallon Bottle
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