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Barn Cleaning

Everything needed to keep your barn clean and smelling great!


Buck Away Soap
SKU: 303K
The "buck" stops here. Utilizing a unique blend of all natural and essential oils combined with celery seed, this soap removes that unpleasant "buck odor". 4 oz bar
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Barn & Stable 10X Powder
SKU: 28G-6
Barn & Stable 10X Powder is a special concentrated blend of absorbents, odor reducers and robust microbes that thrive on degrading animal waste. The Grip-N-Shake container makes easy winter time application in barn or stalls and is also great on kennel runs or any other areas where animals frequently urinate and defecate. This concentrated powder has 10 times the deodorizing & biodegrading properties as competing products. Usage: After removing soiled bedding, apply Barn & Stable 10X Powder to the wet urination areas. Repeat weekly depending on the odor and quantity of the urine and feces produced by the animals. Liberally sprinkle manure piles and any areas where flies may hatch to accelerate the breakdown and help decrease the fly population. Container Size: 1-1/2 pounds

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BarnFresh - No More Odor!
SKU: 28G-2
Barn odor can be a real hot weather turnoff for both you and the neighbors. Mix 1 qt all natural BarnFresh to make 4 gals of treatment. Soak down areas using a pressure sprayer once daily for a week. After that, once a week should do the trick. Help keep your barn fresh as a daisy this summer.

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GOAT Pen Protector
SKU: 28G-9
Neutralizes urine, fecal and compost matter caused by goats. Ammonia, nitrogen and sulfur odors are eliminated immediately upon application. Laboratory studies have shown that urine odors (ammonia) affect the health and performance of goats. Body weight, feed efficiency and general health may be poorer in goats that are exposed to levels of ammonia that exceed 10 ppm. 1 liter bottle.
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GOAT Trough Protector
SKU: 8E-2
Provide continuously clean healthy drinking water by adding 1/2 oz of Water Protector to every 5 gal It safely breaks down organic contaminates with natural enzymes without disturbing the mineral content of the water. Simply rinse away any debris that collects when refilling and re-add. [1 liter]
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Shoe/Boot Covers
SKU: 92B
All dressed up and ready to go when at the last minute an unexpected barn chore needs your attention? No worries! Just slip on these disposable, but reusable, over -the-shoe boot covers. One size fits all.
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