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Bio-Mycin (100ml)
SKU: 18M-1
Formulated with a no-sting carrier, now approved for lactating animals with a 96 hour milk withdrawal. Used for the treatment of mastitis, respiratory infections, scours, foot rot and pink eye. Painless and stress free.
Adult dosage - Administer 4cc Sub-Q every third day for three treatments (ex. Monday, Thursday, and Sunday) [100ml/cc]
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Grapefruit Seed Extract
SKU: 94C
It has been called "a medicine kit in a bottle." It has the ability to kill germs on contact whether full strength or in dilute solutions and is so concentrated that very little goes a really long way. As an internal cleanser add a few drops to the goats' water buckets. It can take the place of commercial udder wash by adding it to warm water at a ratio of 1 part extract to 200 parts water. In fact, adding a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to any cleansing product such as mouth wash, shampoo, liquid hand soap, dish liquid, dish washer soap, etc. will go a long way toward strengthening their cleansing properties. Several drops in a sink of cold water will naturally disinfect fruits, veggies, meat, fish, eggs or chicken. Fill an empty capsule with grapefruit seed extract, take it down with a full glass of water and watch it go to work against diarrhea and stomach cramps. Buy a bottle and test for yourself. I'll bet you will be calling to share your latest miracle cures, too. But remember, it is very powerful. Dilute it with water or olive oil for external use. 1 oz. dropper bottle.

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