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Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis (TB)

Although this disease has not been found prevalent in the US, there are still concerns since this disease can be transmitted to humans.


There are 2 strains of TB that are tested for; bovine and avian. The veterinarian will inject a tiny bit of fluid into your goat, usually at the base of the tail. They will have to come back out to the farm and read the results of the testing within 3 days. Most goats come back with no reaction, some do. In fact, it is expected that a certain percentage of goats will come back as ‘suspect’. Don’t fret, it happens to all of us.


The USDA veterinarian will come out to your farm and make another two injections, one for bovine TB and the other for avian TB. The USDA Veterinarian will come back and read the results. Most of the time, especially if you have chickens running around, it is the avian strain which causes no harm to your goats.


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