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Plyban Cheesecloth

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    Just wanted to share what I think is a great product for the cheese press. The Plyban (plastic) cheesecloth is great for pressing your cheese. I prefer the cloth and its a must for the soft types of cheese. The plyban is too small for hanging a batch of cheese to drain, but I have found it to be wonderful when used in the cheesepress. Most pressed cheeses call for you to turn the cheese over and redress, some several times. Each time you have to use a clean cheesecloth because the cheese sticks to the cloth if you don’t change it. But this new plyban stuff can be used over each time the cheese is turned to press again. It does not stick to the cheese like the cloth does. If you making pressed cheese I highly reccommend this product.



    How is the Plyban cheesecloth cleaned on a daily basis and sanitized weekly?



    You have to clean and sanitize it after every use. If any cheese has clung to the cloth, you need to shake that off. I wash it in my washing machine with hot soapy/bleach water. I have dried mine in the dryer on low heat, just be careful cause if it gets too hot it can melt. The best way to dry it would be to hang it to dry.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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