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For Sale 4 pet pygmy goats, 1 pet sheep

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    Four very tame pet pygmy goats, 2 weathers and 2 does, trained to pull a cart. One tame female sheep trained to be ridden by children.

    These goats and sheep should not be put with other animals that have split hooves, as they are carriers of a disease called Mycoplasma. They have been treated and show no symptoms, but they can infect other hoofed animals. They are best for pets and keeping down underbrush on your land!

    I prefer to sell them together. They are $70 each for the pygmies, and $155 for the sheep or 420 if you buy them all.

    If interested in having them pull a cart, I have two harnesses and two carts for sale. One of the carts is a single and the other is a team cart. I am asking &80 for the harnesses, and 55 for the single cart and 80 for the team cart.

    Brownstown, IL

    Email: or

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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