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Farmhouse cheese culture

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    I am drowning in milk and am waiting for my new Chèvre and Feta cultures to come in. I do have some MA4000 that I have never used… I cannot find any recipes using this culture… I have Goats Produce Too and I have looked online. Does anyone have experience and recipes with this culture? I have only have experience making soft cheeses and feta thus far.

    On another note, I am finding that I cannot use buttermilk anymore as a culture for my chèvre like I used to for years. It consistently turns into a sponge and or has an odd smell. I know this is yeast and or coliform, but I am sooooo clean with all my equipment, bleaching sterilizing, sani washing etc… I think now it is in the air of my kitchen. Any advice?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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