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High Quality Milk

High Quality Milk

Our raw goat milk keeps at least a week without any change in taste or quality.  Pasteurized milk should keep for two weeks.


Cleanliness is a deciding factor. You should always use dairy specific cleaning products on your stainless steel equipment.  Unlike other materials, Stainless Steel will not hold bacteria when properly cleaned which makes it perfect for milk handling. Hoegger Supply has developed a cleaning process that is ideal for home dairying.


1. Rinse utensils in warm (110 to 120 degrees F) water to remove milk residue immediately after milking.  Water that is too hot or cold will “glue” proteins and fat onto the utensils.


2. After rinsing, hand wash with powdered dairy soap (12g).  Always dry immediately with a clean, soft towel to avoid spots and stains.


3. Mist all utensil with powdered dairy sanitizer (12F) diluted and dispensed with a spray bottle (21E-1) just before milking and processing.  Allow the dilute solution to remain on all surfaces that come in contact with the milk. The sanitizer is very dilute, never lends any flavor to the milk and insures the lowest possible bacteria.


4. Use acid detergent (12G-1) once a week in place of dairy soap, eliminating the possibility of milkstone build-up.



Goat milk is very fragile and should be cooled as rapidly as possible to near 36 degrees F.  Immersing the milk containers in ice water is an efficient way to cool small quantities of milk.


To insure good quality milk, the milking area must be free of insects, odor and dust and should be washed down after each milking. Udders and teats should be well trimmed and washed with Udder Wash Solutions (21H).  When hand milking, hands must be thoroughly wased and dried, nails well trimmed and brush scrubbed.


Bucks over three months of age should never be kept in the same area with milking does. Buck odor will produce off-flavor milk. Certain types of weeks and plants, such as golden rod, honey suckle, elderberry rag week and blackberry produce and undesirable flavor in the milk. It is iportant to keep milking does in an area free from these plants.


Good quality goat milk is delicious and better in flavor than cows’ milk. So with some of these basics in place, you should be well on your way to enjoying great milk, cheese and yogurt.  Good Luck!