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Sore Mouth

Sore Mouth

Soremouth is a contagious ecthyma disease, and the virus is spread by direct and indirect contact. This means that it can be spread both animal to animal, and also by contact with contaminated living areas and feeding equipment.


Symptoms: Thick scabs around the mouth, lips and gums, ears and sometimes on the udder.


Treatment: Keep the areas clean and apply an antibiotic ointment or Dr. Naylor’s udder balm.( A wonderful healing salve that stays where you put it and really encourages fast healing). Be sure the affected goats keep eating and drinking. Soft food that the goats like will help assure continued nutrition. Kids may be reluctant to nurse so special attention must be given or they may actually die of malnutrition and dehydration. It is contagious to people so always wear gloves when working with infected animals and the vaccine.


Prevention: Once recovered, there is immunity for at least a year and a one-time vaccine is available. It is recommended to only vaccinate if there is a breakout in the herd.


Supplies For Treatment and Prevention:



CDC: Soremouth  (contains images) Soremouth (orf) in sheep and goats  (contains images)