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Shipping Fever Complex

Shipping Fever Complex

Sounds like something the Pilgrims got coming over on the Mayflower!


Causes: This pesky condition plagues practically everyone who has goats. Simply explained, goats are stressed when they are moved (and it doesn’t matter whether the move is across the street or across the ocean). Stress causes immune system suppression and with the immune system compromised any number of awful problems quickly develop.


Some common symptoms that are contagious to the rest of your goats include: Pink eye, Pneumonia, Scours and Mastitis. But that’s not all. A suppressed immune system is an invitation to more serious conditions such as CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis) and CL (Caseous Lymphadenitis). Take heart, there is an easy, inexpensive way to avoid shipping fever complex.


Treatment: Administering 10cc SubQ injection of Goat Serum or Bovi Sera before and after any move virtually takes the worry out of buying, selling and showing goats. These serums give a tremendous boost to the immune system, thus eliminating the danger of shipping fever. It’s a great way to dodge the “after show” blues and the only answer to the “black eye” of selling a perfectly healthy goat that gets sick on the new owner.


Both Goat Serum Concentrate and Bovi Sera are so different than antibiotics and nutritional supplements because they act as preventatives rather than as treatment. Oh, one other advantage, the troublesome, stressful practice of quarantining new goats is not necessary when you use the serums as directed. Sound good? IT IS!


Without a doubt, both the Goat Serum Concentrate and the Bovi Sera are the best products in our catalog. They are absolutely a MUST for newborns, highly effective as a treatment for infection as well as a preventative for Shipping Fever Complex.


Supplies for Treatment:

Goat Serum                 3K


Bovi Sera                      3K-1