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Questions concerning selenium supplements arise often. Deficiency symptoms include skin disorders, white muscle disease (a type of nutritional muscular dystrophy), lowered reproduction and conception rate, still births, abortion, lowered resistance to parasites, decreased milk production and milk quality.


Selenium and Vitamin E are generally administered together.


A common protocol among goat keepers is to administer injectable Vitamin E/selenium before breeding and 4 to 6 weeks prior to birthing. Kids can be treated at birth and at one month of age. Treat bucks twice a year. The adult goat dosage is 1 to 2 times that of ‑ sheep and for normal size kids the minimum sheep dose is recommended.


The treatment for white muscle disease in newborns is injectable prescription sodium selenite/alpha-tocopherol, known as BOSE. The dosage would be the same as that given to sheep. A favorable response should be seen within a day. If not, a second injection can be given.


WARNING: Selenium can be toxic. Our Golden Blend brand minerals contain the correct selenium/vitamin E levels for most locales and customers are advised not to use any additional selenium/vitamin E supplementation. Consult a veterinarian who knows goats if you are still in doubt.


Golden Blend Minerals

Selenium / Vitamin E powder

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Onion Creek Ranch: Selenium Deficiency and Vitamin E White Muscle Disease in Sheep and Goats Selenium – the essential trace mineral