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Scours (Diarrhea)

Scours (Diarrhea)

Scours or diarrhea, need immediate attention because of a significant risk of dehydration, weakness and sudden death in both young and mature animals.


We give a 10 cc SubQ injection of Goat Serum or a 5cc SubQ injection of Bovi Sera to the newborns to avoid scours.


Bottles and nipples must be washed thoroughly after each use.


Probios gel is excellent for balancing the good bacteria in the system and often can be used to correct a problem if caught right away.


A severe worm infestation can also cause scours, so if this is an issue you suspect, you need to assess using FAMACHA (if this is a protocal you are familiar with), and a fecal exam to determine which parasites you are facing, and then appropriate worm medication must be given, as well as something to stop the diarrhea. If the problem is coccidia, de-wormers may not solve the problem, so it is imperative that a fecal test be done. Medications used for humans, such as Kaopectate, Maalox or Pepto may help.


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