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Ketosis (Pregnancy Toxemia)

Ketosis (Pregnancy Toxemia)

Ketosis, or Pregnancy Toxemia, in goats generally occurs within the last few weeks of pregnancy.


Common symptoms include loss of appetite, spastic motion, twitching ears, edema and inability to stand. Labored breathing, coma and death can result without a quick diagnosis and effective treatment.


Provide a sufficient, balanced diet with no sudden or drastic changes, high quality hay and a correct amount of grain daily, tailored to breed and condition, and at regular hours. Ensure that the doe does not have an excessive worm load and allow access to fresh water and loose minerals at all times.


Exercise is also essential to build strong bodies and good appetites. At the onset of any symptoms the Keto-Nia Drench or several pumps of Nutri Drench daily can reverse the condition.


More information on Ketosis / Pregnancy Toxemia:


Supplies for prevention and treatment can be found here and include: