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Foot Rot (Hoof Rot)

Foot Rot (Hoof Rot)

Symptoms include: lameness, a distinctive bad odor and rough, broken sides and sole of hoof.


Wet, dirty soil encourages the problem and once the ground becomes contaminated, infection spreads.


Prevention includes keeping hooves trimmed and the barnyard well drained and clean. If barnyard is contaminated, remove the goats for a month or more, broadcast lime generously and wait until the bacteria dies off.


Treatment for foot rot consists of trimming away the rotted parts of the hoof. This may need to be done gradually until all the diseased portions have been eliminated. During treatment, use Hoof ’n Heel or Kopertox topically to help heal and strengthen the hoof. Antibiotic injections may be necessary. Give 4 1/2 cc of tetracycline or 5 cc of penicillin every 3 days for a total of three injections.


Supplies for Prevention and Treatment:



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