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Goat Health

Goat Health

Welcome to the Hoegger Farmyard Goat Health Center, the online community focused on Goat Health and Husbandry.  From this page you have access to a wealth of specific goat health information as well as the most recent posts from experts on our Goat Health Blog.  For additional support from experts as well as our clients and friends, be sure to check out the Goat Health Forum. Hoegger Supply has been sell goat supplies for over 75 years. We love our goats and are looking forward to helping you get all the answers to your goat health questions.


The goat health tips offered in the navigation bar to the left are gleaned from our 76 years in business, from both listening carefully to the tips and experiences of our customers and the experience of working with our own Goat Healthgoats. Please remember, we are not veterinarians and it is always best to consult with a trained professional when dealing with health problems and procedures. In addition, everybody does things a little or a lot different than the goat keeper down the road. We certainly don’t claim to be the be-all or the end-all when it comes to goat health. So, that being said, this is a disclaimer that what we have written as well as the help we provide over the phone and internet is not intended to take the place of professional assistance.

Recent Posts

My essential goat first aid kit

I sell a handful of goats throughout the year and new owners invariably ask me what they should have on hand in their goat emergency first aid medical kit – just in case.   I highly recommend having one of these, and I recommend even more vehemently that you should put it together BEFORE YOU […]

Blood-Sucking Parasites in Your Goat’s Stomach!

This article was originally provided via a link in a comment to Shannon Lawrence’s Farmyard blog “Goat vs. Barber Pole  – don’t let the worms win” (August 2012). Because of the popularity of the link we decided to publish the full-length, updated version of this article.   I’m back with everybody’s favorite topic – worms, […]

Kidding complications

Most of the time our does have no problems kidding; however, sometimes we must lend a helping hand.   This article will discuss the differences between Milk Fever, Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis. They all have some of the same signs and symptoms, but yet they are very different and require different treatments.   We will […]